Throwback Thursday to the Hat


The countdown to my WDW trip is decreasing rapidly.  One of the things which I am most interested to see when I go to Hollywood Studios this trip is nothing.  Well not exactly nothing, but the empty place of where the hat used to be and what this view looks like now.  I have seen many photos of the deconstruction of the Sorcerer’s Hat but am not going to look for any photos without the hat pre-trip so I can experience it for the first time when I am there.

The walk down the main street in Hollywood Studios is always one of my favorites.  Of course Main Street in Magic Kingdom is top on my list for entrance to a park, but I believe Hollywood Studios is a close second.  The stores on the side are all very different and have their own personality which is neat.   Epcot’s entrance would be third, just because you can go in many directions so you don’t get the same feeling of walking with a crowd into the park.  And Animal Kingdom falls in last place because I still can’t get around Animal Kingdom without using a map.

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