March Trip Report Day 2 Part 2: Epcot Continued

I know many readers have been waiting and waiting for Part 2 of Day 2.  College has been a bit busy lately with classes and having training for a new job.  But here is the post!

We decided to take a left and start in Mexico for going around the World Showcase.  Nothing appealed to our tastes in Mexico so we continued on.  I will emphasize the dishes I tried but also point out a few ones my family members enjoyed.  We stopped at the Outdoor Kitchen in China, the Lotus House, and got one of every menu items.  My sister and mom liked the candied strawberries, which were presented in a very nice way, making them look super shiny.  I tried the vegetable spring rolls and the Kung Pao chicken bun.  I personally preferred the chicken bun, but the spring rolls were good as well.

Our next stop would be in Italy for the Primavera Kitchen and on the way there we literally lost my dad and my cousin’s boyfriend who left the rest of us to get beer.  My sister tried the pinwheel with prosciutto, cheese, and bread, which she said was very good.  I was able to snag a morsel (a bird would have been disappointed) of bread and I would give it a thumbs up, but it just tasted like normal bread.  My grandma had the manicotti which she enjoyed.  I wish I had taken photos of the food we ate, but I was too hungry to take time to do so.

In Japan we had the frushi (fruit sushi) and Teriyaki curry bun.  The frushi was not for me, but I enjoyed the Teriyaki curry bun very much.  In Morocco I had the chicken kebab which was not as good as I had remembered it.  And then we sat in France while my sister had ice cream and I ate a chocolate crepe.  Not a bad lunch at all!  I think my favorite item was the Chicken Bun in China.  Last year I had really enjoyed the apple and chicken dish in China but they did not bring it back this year unfortunately.

IMG_1686IMG_3242After finishing ice cream in the sun and soaking up the Florida rays (which would later show on my sister’s burnt shoulders), we watched the France movie.  My family had visited France this past summer so it was neat seeing many of the places we had seen in person only a few months ago. My sister and I also had to take a selfie with the gargoyle in the lobby.  Here is the picture along with a photo of a real gargoyle at Notre Dame this summer.

The Beauty and the Beast topiary in France was so pretty so my sister and I stopped for a photo there as well.


We then journeyed to the United Kingdom where we were able to hear a few songs of the British band before their show was over.  I always like hearing them play, especially when they are performing songs I recognize!  Time was now of the essence as we had a dinner reservation at Le Cellier at 6pm but still had around 2 hours until then.  So we needed to come up with a plan of action.  IMG_3248We went over to the Seas next to go on the Nemo ride, look at some fish, and also attend Turtle Talk with Crush.  My sister and I finally understood some of the jokes in Turtle Talk which are geared more towards adults and which children might not recognize right away.  We felt old.  Here is a photo of my favorite fish, the poisonous lion fish!  We rode Figment’s ride after picking up free applesauce packets which were surprisingly good even though they were all natural (I prefer sugary applesauce).

We went to Innovations West after this to view the IBM Think exhibit and take a free photo with all of us and characters at the Disney Visa location.  If you have a Disney Visa credit card, you are able to get one free 5X7 photo with whatever characters are available that day.  I wish I could post some of these photos because they came out great, but unfortunately we have not bought them from Disney Photopass yet.

After this we had to run to our dining reservation at Le Cellier so we said goodbye to my cousin and her boyfriend.  We had a great time with them, but I think her boyfriend was a little disappointed he could not go on Mission Space before they left for the day.

IMG_3251The flowers outside of Le Cellier were beautiful!  So much color!   I won’t bore you with photos of flowers but it was such a contrast from the northeast.  Dinner was fantastic here.  As our waitress pointed out, the bread is the best on Disney property.  My sister and I shared an order of poutine as well which was yummy-I could have just had that for dinner.  But my chicken was really good and the sauce had a nice flavor to it.  The first full day of park visiting is always tiring so after dinner we made our way slowly back to Mouse Gears for a little bit of shopping.  We also rode Spaceship Earth because the line is significantly shorter at the end of the day compared to the beginning of the day.  I was very disappointed when my sister’s picture and my picture did not show up in the interactive future video.  Oh well.  We headed back to the car and drove back to the resort.  I think my sister and my dad might have gone out for late hours but I headed to bed.  Day 3 will be up soon where we experience a battle of old and new princesses: Cinderella vs. Anna and Elsa.



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5 responses to “March Trip Report Day 2 Part 2: Epcot Continued

  1. The beers were amazing in Germany and outside of the fish n chips place ! 👍👍👍

  2. I’m so loving the Beauty and the Beast topiary!! Also, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! 🙂

    • The topiary was beautiful and my favorite one that I saw. The Winnie the Pooh topiary was a close second. Thank you so much! 🙂 I am a little behind on my posting but I will try to post about it soon.

  3. Looks like you’ve had a fantastic time. I’ve only been to Epcot once and would love to go back soon!

    • I did have a great time! Epcot is amazing and used to be my 2nd favorite park but has become my favorite in the last few years. I really enjoy seeing the countries. I hope you are able to go back soon!

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