Frozen Friday!

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Our favorite attraction of Day 3 was the Frozen Sing-Along which we attended in the afternoon.  I will post a full report of Day 3 next week but I thought I would highlight the Frozen Sing-Along in a separate post.  I have included a summary and spoilers of the show below so if you don’t want to read past this point, I won’t be offended.  It was warm in Florida, but the Frozen show made us feel like we were at home with the snow!IMG_3277


I made Fastpass+ reservations months before for this attraction, not sure if it was still going to be in Hollywood Studios when we arrived, since the ice skating rink and fireworks were gone.  But the sing-along has remained and plans to remain!  We concluded that about 500 people were let in with Fastpass+ Reservations and more with standby.  The standby line does get long, as does the Fastpass+ so try to get a Fastpass if you can but if not definitely get in line early!  We got front row seats which was absolutely amazing.  My grandma has a wheelchair, so that helped with the seating as well.  IMG_3285

This show exceeded all of our expectations.  We were not sure what to expect for the 30 minute show but it was one of the big highlights of the day.  Two narrators come out to tell you the story of Anna and Elsa and they crack jokes for kids and adults.  Sometimes it was hard to keep up because I was laughing so much.  The narrators are full of energy and lead the audience in a quick run through of the Frozen story.  You sing along to the more popular songs in the movie and it is almost a little scary how many people know the tune and don’t even need to look at the lyrics/movie clips projected on the screens.  Children and adults were singing which was great as well because everyone truly does know the words to these songs.  Disney created a Frozen empire.    IMG_3289Anna makes a quick appearance, as does Hans, but then they reappear at the end with Elsa to sing a very popular song again.  Yes, you sing “Let it Go” twice.  The second time through though, Elsa uses her powers to add wind and magical effects to the show which is fun.  This show is amazing and a must do (even though it is not on Stacey’s must do list on Disney property TV) for returning and new guests to Disney’s Hollywood Studies.



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  1. Looks stunning! Wishing you will get the four followers soon and have a wonderful Easter weekend 🙂

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