March Trip Report Day 3: Elsa and Anna vs. Cinderella

Thank you so much to my 100th subscriber! Here is a link to my 100th subscriber so you can look at her blog!  and here is the promised, highly anticipated third day of my trip.

IMG_3325Day 3 of our March Trip was spent in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  The bag check lines were a little long getting into the park, compared to Epcot the day before but it was okay.  It was starting to get warm but was not supposed to be as hot as the day before.  My sister and I wore matching shirts and matching braids which my mom did for us.  My shirt said “She’s my Anna” with a Mickey hand pointing to my sister and she wore one with “She’s my Elsa” on it (pics later on in post).  It was so weird not seeing Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat as we walked into the park!  As my dad said, with the hat present, it always seemed like the Chinese Theater was slightly off center, but as you can see that is not the case.  Construction walls were up around the front part where the hat was, but did not hinder the overall experience.

We had Fastpass+ Reservations for Tower of Terror so we went there first.  The line was the longest we had seen it in a while.  We almost debated getting out of line and riding it at a later time, but we stuck it out.  This was the first time I was not scared and was actually more excited going on the ride.  The lobby, library and the ghosts don’t frighten me anymore but the cast members still sorta do!  Next we had Fastpasses for Toy Story Mania so figured we should probably get there quickly.  It had just been announced that a third track was going to be built since the lines are CRAZY.

IMG_3260Well the Fastpass line was so backed up due to a breakdown and a health emergency.  You know it is bad when the Fastpass line is not moving at all and standing a good thirty feet outside of the first Magic Band scanner.  But, it did give IMG_3261us a good opportunity to check out the Hollywood Studios snapchat filters and take a few photos.  We decided to wait it out and it eventually got up and running.  We probably spent half an hour waiting, which is not too bad.  It was nice to be able to explore the line as well and talk about how kids these days will never know what ViewFinders are.  I bet most kids would not recognize a majority of the games featured in the ride, which is a shame.  Toy Story Mania was good but I lost to my sister…by a lot.  I think there was something wrong with my ring toss thing.

We went to One Man’s Dream because we all enjoy seeing the different artifacts in there.  I always like seeing Walt Disney’s childhood desk,IMG_3264 a model of how his office looked and the set up of the IMG_3272room where Walt filmed his Florida Project video.  In case you have not been before, I have included a few photos.  There is also a film after all of the artifacts (including a model of the Abraham Lincoln animatronic) explaining Walt Disney’s life and how he came to design Disneyland.  We see the film every few trips, but passed on it this time in the interest of time.  We met up with my mom and decided to quickly head to see Cinderella’s carriage before lunch.  The carriage is currently located on the Streets of America, where the Osbourne Family Spectacular of Lights is during the holidays.  We waited in the hot sun to get our photo taken by it while listening to Sweat, Mulch, and Shears perform down the street.  It was worth it though and very cool to see the carriage from the movie up close.  I still have not seen the movie, but hope to soon.


After getting our picture taken, we ran over to 50’s Prime Time Cafe for lunch.  I had an amazing chocolate milkshake there, as well as a very good Chicken Pot Pie.  My entire family enjoyed their meals very much.  My milkshake was the first milkshake I had had in months though and it tasted heavenly.  We always like eating here for a sit down lunch.  Maybe I will do a few future posts on restaurants we ate at during this trip.

IMG_3263After lunch, we had some time so we went to watch the 10 minute preview of the new Cinderella movie in one of the theaters.  The preview made us all want to go see the movie right away and we thought about seeing it a few days later in Downtown Disney, but never made it.  Hopefully I will get to see it before it is out of theaters.  Our Fastpass time for the Frozen Sing Along was approaching so we walked over to that.  As I said in the earlier post on it, it was FANTASTIC!  I just can’t let it go how great it was.

We managed to fit in a lot more than I thought into Day 3 of the trip.  IMG_3313After the Sing a Long, we had a refueling break at the Writer’s Stop cafe.  We also took a pic of our shirts so that you can better see what they look like!  On our list of things to do, we only had the Great Movie Ride left for the day and we had just enough time to fit it in before having to head back to get ready for dinner.  The Great Movie Ride is another family favorite.  I used to not enjoy it because I was scared of the shooting and had really only seen the Wizard of Oz but now that I know what’s happening and more of the movies, I really like it.  We waited on the standby line for this IMG_3304attraction and it was not too bad.  I liked being able to notice the details of the Chinese Theater and watch the movie collection on the screen.

After the Great Movie Ride, we called it a day for the parks.  When you know how to strategize the attractions and your top things for the day, you can get a lot done.  We went back to Old Key West, relaxed, and got ready for dinner.

We met my aunt at Trattoria al Forno on the Boardwalk for dinner.  This restaurant was a million times better than Cat Cora’s old one.  I had plain pasta with parmesan cheese because I had been craving that for a few days, bread, and gelato.  Italian food is my favorite.  We then watched a few of the street magician shows and walked around the shops on the Boardwalk.  The Boardwalk has a lovely atmosphere at night and it was great seeing my aunt.  I was ready for sleep after this.  I went back to the room and fell asleep very quickly.

So in terms of Anna and Elsa vs. Cinderella, Anna and Elsa got one point for us going to the Sing Along and another point for the shirts we wore.  Cinderella got a point for her carriage and another point for the movie preview.  Just shows that new Disney princesses can never overtake the classic ones.  Day 4 we head to Downtown Disney and the Grand Floridian on our “relax” day.  IMG_3322




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  1. Thank you for mentioning me! I’m glad I could bring you to 100, haha. 🙂 I love your shirts! Did you have them made?

  2. Rambley

    How did you choose who was Anna and who was Elsa? Haha

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