March Trip Report Day 6-Adventure away from Orlando

On Day 6, we awoke very early.  The sun had not risen yet so I felt really tired but knew I would sleep in the car on the way to tour the college.  This is a short post since I am not going to go into details on the college tour we took or our day there.  All in all, it was a great day though and my sister is probably going to apply to the college.  On the way back to Orlando, we saw a Krispy Kreme and we of course had to stop.  We do not have Krispy Kreme near where I live so buying a dozen was an absolute necessity.  Here is my smiling sister with 11 donuts (since my dad had ate one).  IMG_3392The donuts proved to be my breakfast for the next few days.   We also stopped to get lunch at an Applebee’s, where the waiter was awesome.  He was friendly and made me a palm tree water with lemons and limes after we told him we were visiting Florida to get away from the cold weather which was really cool.  Here is a picture if you would like to replicate it at home.  IMG_3394We got to pass under the Walt Disney World welcome sign, which is always a nice sight so I tried to get a picture as the sun was setting but it did not turn out great.  Day 7 we are back in Walt Disney World and head to Magic Kingdom!  Then I have one more day to discuss-Dapper Day/meeting up with my cousin’s fiancé day…more to come soon!   IMG_3396

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