March Trip Report Day 7 Part 1-Magic Kingdom!


Our first full day in Magic Kingdom was Day 7 of the trip.  This is really hard to believe since usually we try to make it to Magic Kingdom within the first few days, but the schedule just did not work out this trip.  We got up fairly early ready to go see the most Magical park.  My dad dropped my aunt, grandma, sister, and I off to catch the ferry and he hopped on the next one.  A HUGE group of high school students was there on a trip so after we saw that they decided to take the monorail, we opted for the ferry.  The ferry was nice and uneventful.

We were going to meet my dad near the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train since that was the first Fastpass for the day.  IMG_3410The ride had opened for previews a month or two after we had left last March so we were excited to try out the new ride.  We all enjoyed the new roller coaster, but definitely would not have liked waiting in a long line for such a short ride.  The Mine Train might be have the length of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  I would highly recommend a Fastpass+ reservation for this ride since we did not have to wait more than 7 minutes.  The scenes were all done great IMG_3422and it was really cool to see New Fantasyland from a different perspective.  They do take your photo on this ride and later link them to your online account and Photopass.  Somehow they must use the Magic Band technology to do this but I am not sure how.  I hope we end up purchasing one of the pictures where I look absolutely terrified even though I had no reason to be.  And beware of wearing Mickey ears on this ride.  I believe I looked terrified in the photo because I could feel my ears moving on my head.  They did stay on though so it is doable!

After the Mine Train, we had time before our Pirates of the Caribbean Fastpass+ Reservations IMG_3437so we headed to It’s a Small World ride.  The wait for this ride was probably around 15 minutes.  Even though the boats run back to back, it takes time for unloading and reloading.  I did not notice anything especially interesting on this time riding the ride, but we did get to see the clock perform its hourly ceremony because it became 10am.  I had seen that happen once before at midnight actually but it was neat to see again.

After It’s a Small World, it was nearing the time for our Pirates Fastpasses so we headed over to Adventureland.  Pirates of the Caribbean has definitely moved up on my list of attractions in rides in the past few years as well.  I used to be scared riding this ride (probably because it was dark and there are the cannon shots of water in the one pirate ship scene) but now really enjoy it.  The music is great and even the line is nice before boarding the boats.  I really don’t remember the pre-Captain Jack Sparrow version but I think it is great he is in the ride a few times.  In general, the surrounding area of the ride is also fantastic because there is a huge gift shop that you enter into with lots of different clothing items and fake swords to buy, as well as bathrooms nearby.  A few dining options are also close such as Tortuga Tavern.  Needless to say, you could stay in this area all day if you wanted.

After we rode Pirates, it was time to check in for our reservation at Liberty Tree Tavern.  This restaurant is located in Liberty Square, and everything is colonial themed.  I had booked the earliest reservation of 11:30 which was good because I was hungry! Liberty Tree Tavern is my grandma’s all time favorite restaurant in Walt Disney World so we always eat here for a meal.  We each have our favorites at the restaurant.  IMG_3443My grandma usually gets the Pilgrim’s Feast and my sister always gets the Colony Salad.  I alternate between the amazing Colony Salad and the Freedom Pasta depending on if I am in the mood for salad or not.  For dessert, my grandma and aunt had the fruit crisp and my dad and I split Martha Washington’s Chocolate Cake.  This picture is making me so hungry.  I would recommend this decadent chocolate cake to any chocolate lover.  The chocolate icing is especially delicious.  But, it is a large slice, so you might want to split it with someone unless you really need an energy boost from walking around Magic Kingdom all day.

After lunch we headed to ride the Haunted Mansion, another favorite of mine.  Can you tell who booked the Fastpass+ Reservations? Haha.  No Peter Pan Fastpasses!  We boarded our doom buggies fairly quickly, but the standby line was very long.  This ride seems to be the most crowded mid day because everyone finishes rides in Fantasyland and then continues around the park in that direction.   Stay tuned for dinner at the Wave and a late night with my sister at Epcot.


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  1. Great post! Getting me excited for when I go to florida! xx

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