March Trip Report Day 8 Part 1-Dapper Day!

Good morning blog readers!  Day 8 was probably our busiest day of the trip, and also our last day in the parks.  I am planning on writing three parts so hopefully I can fit everything in!  We were in Magic Kingdom by 10am and then my sister, dad, and I stayed out until 1:30 for Extra Magic Hours in Magic Kingdom.  Part 1, today’s post, is going to be focused on Dapper Day and the morning.  Part 2 is going to be focused more on lunch and the afternoon, as well as how we secretly spent the day with my soon to be new cousin!  And finally Part 3 is going to finish off the day with dinner and the Extra Magic Hours in Magic Kingdom to start off my sister’s birthday.

DapperMomMarch 14th was Dapper Day in Magic Kingdom.  I had not heard of the Dapper Day events until a few months before our trip when I saw a liked Facebook page from my former Adventures by Disney tour guides.  Dapper Day events happen in Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris and are not run by or affiliated with the Disney Company.  According to the website, “Dapper Day events celebrate the tradition of stepping out in style.”  Park visitors dress up in 50’s and 60’s style clothing or just dress up for the parks that day DapperDadinstead of wearing t-shirts and shorts.  Different events happen during the day where you can meet up with other Dapper Day participants around the park and resorts.  The Disneyland event appears to be larger than the Walt Disney World one with an Expo the day before where you can buy outfits and accessories but I thought the Walt Disney World event was great!  For this Dapper Day, events ranged from a ride on the WEDway People Mover to drinks at the Grand Floridian lounge.  If you would like more information on the event, the website is

MayorSo, we all decided to dress up for Dapper Day but were not completely sure what to expect.  I had looked up as much as I could about the events online ahead of time but did not know what exactly would happen!  We parked and took the ferry over to Magic Kingdom.  The ferry ship captain cast members announced that we looked Dapper as we boarded the ferry, but we did not see too many other park guests dressed up.  We knew it was going to be a hot day because it we were already sweating.  As we walked into the park, we starteIMG_3475d to see A LOT of people dressed up which was a relief.  Some people were super creative with their costumes and went all out.  We saw one guy with a ship model on his hat as we went through security.  It was really fun to see what everyone decided to wear.  I could not imagine how the ladies in tights and boots were surviving because it was hot!  We took a photo with the Mayor who was great and told us a joke before running into the Dapper Dans.  Of course, we had to stop and listen before heading down Main Street.  They also made a comment about how the day was focused or based off of themselves.  So even though Disney does not run the event, the cast members were very welcoming and always commented on how Dapper we looked, which was great!  I felt like we were part of a secret club when some regular dressed park guests looked at the Dapper Day visitors funny.

I have to admit I do not remember the exact order of the rides we went on in the morning but I believe we just went to straight to Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor since we had a bit of time before the WEDway People Mover meet up at noon.  But I will get straight to the WEDway People Mover experience.  Yes, it was in fact an experience.

For any Walt Disney World regular visitor, they will know that the People MoverIMG_3488 rarely has a long line.  It is one of the few attractions where you can get off and right back on multiple times without having hours of waiting in a line.  Well, starting at 11:45 there was a HUGE line of dressed up park visitors for Dapper Day.  The line winded around and around and those who did not know about Dapper Day were very confused.  This picture does not do the line justice and IMG_3487I really wish I had a go pro or selfie stick I could have held up high to carry around and video tape the entire line. It went around the stage and was moved a little near Buzz Lightyear as well.  All of the costumes were so impressive and well thought out.  We saw one woman who was dressed up as Sleeping Beauty and a man dressed up as Prince Phillip who were dancing.  We later took a picture with Prince PrincePhillip after riding the WEDway People Mover.  If I am in Walt Disney World or even Disneyland during Dapper Day in the future I will have to work on planning my outfit for months and trying to be more creative! If you are ever in a Disney park during a Dapper Day event definitely participate because it is really fun! Part 2 will be up soon (I promise it won’t take a week this time!)




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  1. *Cough cough * part 2 ? Lol 😉

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