March Trip Report Day 8 Part 3-Magic Kingdom

IMG_3518Above is the only selfie of all of the women on the trip. My sister is hiding behind my huge head.  I think we should make it a new tradition to take a group selfie on each trip.  Anyways, after dinner at the California Grill, we returned back to Old Key West to meet up with my cousin’s boyfriend again.  He had returned from getting the ring set and had ate dinner at Olivia’s while we were on our way back.  He showed us the beautiful ring and we all talked for a little before he had to head back so that my cousin would not be too suspicious about where he was all day.  Before he left though he took my dad aside to talk to him.  I had no idea what they were discussing IMG_3520but we returned to the room to find this amazing fruit Mickey arrangement in the fridge!  The fruit was delicious and of course the pineapple tasted even better because it was Mickey shaped.  It was so nice of my cousin’s boyfriend to give us this lovely fruit arrangement.

After having a fruit snack and bringing some fruit over to my grandma and aunt’s room, my dad, sister, and I got ready to head to Magic Kingdom.  My sister’s birthday was the following day and with Extra Magic Late Hours at Magic Kingdom, she wanted to stay until she turned 17 in the parks.  We changed out of our Dapper Day clothes and into more comfortable wear and got on a bus to Magic Kingdom.  I have to admit I do not remember every ride we rode this night, but below are the ones I can remember!

We made it into Magic Kingdom just in time to watch Wishes.  My sister loves watching the fireworks in Magic Kingdom.  I enjoy watching them while riding Splash Mountain, but sadly it was not operating that night which was very disappointing.  This was probably the first trip in many where I was not able to go on Splash Mountain.  One interesting thing I noticed for the second time in the last few years was how the gates near Tomorrowland were used to help funnel out the crowds leaving the park right after Wishes.  It still was a madhouse but thankfully we were going towards Tomorrowland and not towards the park exit which made it easier to move.  IMG_3523

We went on the Tomorrowland Speedway where I completely failed at driving.  It is definitely harder to drive those cars compared to a real car, but there was a much shorter wait than there had been earlier in the day.  My sister and my dad went on Dumbo while I waited with the Starbucks drink-Thank you to the Cast Member who let us quickly buy a few things before she closed the stand for the night!  While they rode Dumbo, I watched two parents go on Dumbo with their four young kids…at 11pm!  I am always surprised how late some kids are out in the parks.  I was completely exhausted and they were years younger than me!  My dad and sister went on Astro Orbiter and Space Mountain while I rode the WEDway People Mover.  I like roller coasters but I don’t stay up past 10:30 usually so I knew I wouldn’t feel well if I went on all the big rides.  We all rode Peter Pan.  I really enjoyed seeing the new interactive line for the ride although some spaces were a bit cramped.  And you cannot tell how long the line really is whereas before it was easy to tell by how long the line outside was.IMG_3549 In the photo on the left, Peter Pan is spelled out in blocks on the bed.  You walk through the Darlings’ home and see each of the children’s rooms on the way to the ride.  My sister turned 17 as we were in line for Peter Pan.

To finish the night, we stopped at the Main Street Bakery and I got a warm chocolate chip cookie, which was very good although it took a long time and a few misunderstandings to get it.  I completed my Magic Kingdom tradition where I look back at the park one last time while walking through the tunnels under the train station and then never look back.  Thankfully I will be able to return in the future so it is just a goodbye for now.  I fell asleep on the bus ride back to Old Key West and was dreading the next day when I would have to leave Walt Disney World and fly back to college.


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