WDW Troubling Updates

I usually tend to comment on the positives of Walt Disney World, but a few recent announcements and rumors have led to this slightly less than positive post.

The first bit of news is that almost the entire summer is blacked out for Cast Members to use their guest passes in Magic Kingdom.  My cousin told me about this since he is heading there this summer and now won’t be able to get into the Magic Kingdom with his mom’s guest passes.  Magic Kingdom is the main park that people go to Florida to see!  I understand blacking out some dates in the summer because it does get crowded, but the ENTIRE summer?

The next bit of news is a rumor.  I repeat it is a RUMOR and has not been confirmed or commented on by the Walt Disney Company yet.  Supposedly Extra Magic Hours might be coming to an end in the near future.  Extra Magic Hours are one of the main benefits of staying on Walt Disney World property.  You can enter a certain park early or stay at a certain park late each day while anyone who is not a resort guest, cannot do this.  Since my family are DVC members, we likely would not switch to staying off property if they took this benefit away.  However, I would be really upset if they did.  I love going to Magic Kingdom and going on rides until 2am!  IMG_3551

And finally, the most shocking news of all is that the penny press machines are going to become digital!  Are you kidding me?!  Please don’t do this Disney.  I really enjoy seeing my penny get pressed right in front of me and although I don’t get pennies pressed as much as I did when I was a kid, it is still fun to watch the actual pressing occur.

C’mon Disney what’s going on?


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6 responses to “WDW Troubling Updates

  1. Whoa they better get their act together !

  2. It is all about the money. Chances are they will incorporate the extra magic hours as an added benefit if you pay for it directly. Just wait till they start charging for fast passes benefits ;P It kind of hurts my heart a little because Disney is all about the magic – or should be.

    • Yes, I completely agree that Disney should be all about the magic. I hope they don’t put prices on extra magic hours and Fast passes. Riding Splash Mountain at 2am is a priceless experience. The Magic Band process is challenging for many guests and if they keep adding more options, some guests will soon say it’s too hard to go to WDW with all of this. Some of the clients at the travel agency where I work are struggling to understand all of the changes since they went 10 or 15 years ago.

      On a side note, I had a fantastic time in England and Scotland. Isle of Skye was gorgeous! I am looking forward to posting about it soon!

      • Oh I agree with everything you said! I think it is just getting way to complicated and it will have negative impacts – I would imagine. Maybe not though, we shall see. They will continue making money that is for sure!
        Oh glad to hear it – I want to hear all about the marathon on Skye! And all that you saw. I honestly missed you by like a day or two in Convent Gardens I kid you not lol. We may have even just missed eachother by hours – if I had known. I stumbled into the same Disney store!

      • Really? It’s such a small world! We didn’t know we were going to go there until we got on the tube and decided we felt like shopping!

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