Relaxing at Disney: Hollywood Studios

Thanks to my cousin for suggesting that I write a post on how to relax at Walt Disney World.  Sometimes you go with people on a Disney vacation who want to relax the entire time they are there instead of running from one ride to the next and staying out from park opening to closing.  If you are used to a high speed Disney vacation or were hoping to have one, accommodating for the travel companion who would like some downtime can be challenging.  You want to still have a fantastic vacation and see everything possible but you also want to make sure that they are not completely exhausted and are having a fantastic time too.  So, I will be writing a series with posts on each park and options outside of the parks for ways to relax.

IMG_3325Hollywood Studios is a challenging park for relaxation.  The park is physically smaller than Magic Kingdom and Epcot and does not have as many benches or places to sit.  But there are some ways you can slow down during the day.

1) Watch a show.  The Beauty and the Beast show is a little less noisy than Lights, Motors, Action but is also shorter.  You will be sitting down during these shows, out of the hot Florida sun or afternoon shower and so they can provide a nice break from the constant walking.  Disney has also started movie previews in one of the theaters which last about 10-15 minutes and are nice to see.

2) Go to the Streets of America (if it isn’t Christmastime).  Unless the Christmas lights are up, the Streets of America are usually very quiet.  You can sit on a bench or walk around slowly and be separated from the hundreds of guests in the rest of the parks.  I find it fun to try and spot all of the New York references on the stores and take photos next to the subway or shops.  Also a great meeting place for a large group since it is rarely packed here.

3) Shopping…for me this is stressful, but for others it is relaxing.  The shops on either side of me in the photo above are great, as well as the little ones such as the Indiana Jones store.  Some of the stores have items you can’t find in many other places in WDW.

4) Sit-down table service meals are good because you don’t have to worry about finding a table and you are forced to eat a little slower as you wait for the drink and meal to come.  You might prefer the less expensive option of grabbing a hot dog and running to the next attraction, but if someone wants to take the day more leisurely, either set a time minimum for lunch (30 min) or go to a sit-down where you are in air conditioning and have to spend time waiting.

5) If you finish what you would like to see in Hollywood Studios, then take the boat over to Epcot, which can be a less hectic park than Studios.


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