Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Update

I received an email a few weeks ago letting me know that Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend information had been posted on this website: Disneyland Paris Running Weekend Website.  The website has some important information about the run weekend. The events will take place September 23rd-25th of 2016 and registration is planned to open on October 6th of this year.  The Expo will be open the 22nd-24th.  A 5K will start at 7am on September 24th and the Half Marathon will start at 7am on September 25th.  There are also races for kids at 10am on September 24th.  One thing I noticed is that you have to be 5 years old to participate in the 5K but 18 years old to run the Half.  The Walt Disney World Half Marathons and Disneyland Half Marathons require participants to be only 14 years old.  The Disneyland Paris Half Marathon also required a signed medical waiver from your doctor.

Thank goodness I’m going to be 20 when the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon takes place.  I am curious to find out the cost of the races, how many people will be able to register, and the race course!  It is still up in the air if I will be able to do it for sure.  I won’t know if I am accepted in the England study abroad program at my college until after registration opens so I might have to register and see what happens.  The program my school has includes a month in London and then two weeks off before going to a university in the north of England.  I believe that the date the half falls on is usually the date where we transfer from London to the other university, which means I would have to figure out my own way to get from Disneyland Paris to the university.  It could be a challenge but it would be so cool to run a Half Marathon in Disneyland Paris!  And since I only spent a day at Disneyland Paris last summer, I would go a few days in advance hopefully to go on the rides and attractions that I missed!



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2 responses to “Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Update

  1. You should keep me posted, I will still be in London at the time and could always use a reason to visit Disneyland Paris 😉

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