Relaxing at Disney: Epcot

Epcot is easily the most relaxing park.  With plenty of places to sit and a large layout, Epcot is the favorite park for many.  Here are five ways to relax at Epcot.

1. See the movies in some countries in World Showcase.  Almost every country has a Circle Vision movie that you can watch that highlights the landscape or main parts of the country.  My parents watched every single movie during their honeymoon in Walt Disney World.  We watched the France video last trip which was very good.  There were a few moments though when I had to close my eyes because the screens surround the audience and it can be a little too immersive for those who experience motion sickness.  Definitely watch The American Adventure in America-it is one of my favorite attractions!

2. Take time to look at the less popular parts of each country.  I believe China has an exhibit with different historical artifacts.  Mexico has a few displays in the lobby before you go into the marketplace area.  And Morocco has a whole tiled room which most guests don’t even notice, but is usually empty and silent.  Before the whole Frozen craze, the Norway pavilion was never crowded and had a neat historical exhibit, but I am not sure if that has changed.

3. During the Flower and Garden Festival or Food and Wine Festival, go see different speakers and events.  Walking around the topiaries is fun to do during the Flower and Garden Festival.  Both festivals have a schedule of daily speakers and shows which tend to have crowds very interested in those topics and fewer screaming kids.

4. Sit on a bench with a Mickey Pop.  The garden area in England is very nice, as is the area outside the Seas.  Because Epcot is so large, benches are easy to find.

5. And finally, my last recommendation on how to relax in Epcot is to go on boat rides.  Go on Living with the Land.  Go on the boat ride in Mexico with Donald Duck and the Tres Caballeros. While these might not be the most interesting for younger children (I used to be bored on these rides), they are very interesting once you are older and can appreciate them.  20140620-134842-49722961.jpg

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