Worldly Wednesday-Edinburgh

IMG_0609I’ve decided that I am starting a new Wednesday series!  This series is called Worldly Wednesday (as you probably noticed in the title).  Every week I will highlight a different place I visited during my early summer vacation to Scotland and England.  Don’t worry I will still be posting other days of the week on Disney related topics because Disney really is always on my mind.  But, I also feel a need to write about this trip before I start forgetting details!  Off we go! Edinburgh was a lovely city and I would definitely go back there one day.  We arrived late afternoon after flying in from London and so we did not have much time for sightseeing the first day.  We checked into our hotel, The Balmoral, which was very nice and then went to dinner at The Witchery, which I would highly recommend.  To eat at The Witchery you need to have made reservations in advance.  We made reservations for the garden room.  My pork and mashed potatoes were delicious.  This meal ended up being one of my favorite meals of the trip even though I was tired and a bit jet lagged from the flights.

We went to Edinburgh Castle for most of the day, which involves a lot of hilly walking.  But it was a cool sight to see and hearing about the history has inspired me to maybe pick up a history book or two! IMG_0625 I wish I had looked into the history before visiting so I knew more about what our guide was saying. For the Scotland portion of this trip, we had a Blue Badge guide who took us around the sites which was very helpful and I would definitely recommend.  She told us about a cute Scottish chain of stores titled Ness and I fell in love with a wallet IMG_0628there which has passport stamps of Scotland on it (pics to come hopefully). The other stop in Edinburgh the first day was to the Jack Wills store. I did not end up purchasing anything, but I had fun looking around.  The rest of the days we stayed in Edinburgh, we took day trips out to other places which I will highlight in future posts!

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