It’s the Big Day!

Today is the big day!  My cousin and her fiancé are getting married on my grandma’s 90th birthday. Yay!  My grandma will also get to spend time with her first great grandchild.  So many happy occasions on one day.

If you remember my March Trip Report, you will remember that my cousin’s fiancé hung out with us for a whole day in Magic Kingdom (without my cousin knowing) while the engagement ring was being set in Orlando.  If you don’t remember that day (and my cousin’s fiancé says he does not since he was so nervous about the ring secret) click here to read the report: The Ring. I can’t believe that it is already the wedding day!  It seems like we were all just meeting in Epcot a few days ago and making sure no pictures were posted of the secret day in Magic Kingdom before the proposal.

The wedding is being held less than an hour away from my house so we do not have to travel too far at all, which is convenient.  We had a dinner a few weeks ago at the restaurant where the reception is.  Besides a salad dressing mixup, everyone enjoyed it very much and we were able to continue the family tradition of “game night” afterwards.

I am so happy for my cousin and her fiancé and am wishing them an early congratulations here on the blog!  Also, her fiancé has been my number 1 blog follower since the March Disney Trip and I really appreciate it!


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