Last Year for the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

20131123-100740.jpgThe Disney Parks Blog announced today that this will be the final year for the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights in Hollywood Studios (Click here to read the official announcement). Many guests are disappointed about this but are not completely surprised since rumors have been circulating that the new construction would take place where the lights are displayed. I’m really disappointed by this news. When my family and I visited Walt Disney World in November 2012, the dancing lights were my favorite part of the Christmas decorations. They were magnificent! I could’ve spent all night there watching the lights move to the music around the streets of America buildings.  Somehow it also manages to snow in Florida while the lights display goes on. The cycle of songs only lasts about 10 minutes before pausing for a few minutes and then repeating. These lights are one of the most magical things I have seen at Disney  If you haven’t seen the lights I would recommend planning a trip now to go over Thanksgiving break or on a weekend if you can to see the lights. If you don’t know the story behind the lights you should look it up as well, but here is a short two sentence summary.  The lights originated at the Osborne Family’s home and expanded every year until neighbors complained about the brightness. The lights moved to Walt Disney World and have been a fan favorite ever since.  Anyways, if you know anyone who needs a tour guide around Walt Disney World for their upcoming November-December trip to Walt Disney World let me know!  I would LOVE to see the lights again before they are gone.20131123-100500.jpg


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6 responses to “Last Year for the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

  1. Melissa -

    This is a tradition that my family has always enjoyed during the holiday season. We will really miss this on future holiday trips. 😦

    • I am going to miss it too even though I only saw it once! I had wanted to go back to see it again but I don’t think that will happen now that this year is the last.

  2. I’ve only seen this once, but it was absolutely mesmerizing!!! I’m so disappointed I won’t get to see it again!

  3. I really hope that this is not going away forever. It is an amazing show and it will be sorely missed. I am excited to see the improvements at Hollywood Studios but I wish they would keep this.

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