Teppan Edo Review

IMG_3234This week I am focusing on Walt Disney World restaurants so try not to read these posts before lunch!  Teppan Edo is the hibachi restaurant in Japan in Epcot.  It is one of my favorite restaurants in Walt Disney World.  If you haven’t ate here, I definitely recommend that you do so.

The last time I ate at Teppan Edo was during my last trip in March 2015.  I arrived earlier than my family to Disney because I flew from an airport near my school.  I wanted to eat somewhere good for my first meal at Disney but did not want to eat anywhere that it would be a little odd for me to be dining alone surrounded by other families.  So, I chose Teppan Edo!  I did not make a reservation ahead of time because I was not sure about when my room would be ready or what time I would get to Epcot.  I also had a party of one, which is usually easy to squeeze in with other groups at a hibachi table.  When I went to the counter, the cast members told me it would be a 20 minute wait but ended up being only around 10!

I sat with other very friendly Disney guests.  But the food was incredible.  I can never finish everything on my plate here and I can’t wait for when I hopefully work in Disney so I can take home the rest for leftover lunch the next day.  It is sorta hard to get leftovers to go in Disney when I always spend hours in the hot, humid park after meals before going back to the resort.  I always order the Chicken Hibachi dish which comes with vegetables, noodles, chicken, and rice.  I never order an appetizer or dessert here because I am stuffed with the main dish.  The cast members who are the hibachi chefs are great and make Mickeys and volcanoes with the onions.

Teppan Edo is a 10/10 in my book and I am really glad you walk up the huge set of stairs before you eat because if I had to walk up that many stairs after this meal, I don’t think I would make it!



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8 responses to “Teppan Edo Review

  1. Natalie Davis

    I have eaten at a restaurant similar to this, and I love it! (It is not in Disney, though!) I want to eat here! It sounds amazing! 🙂

  2. Amazing food!!! Top 3 on my list

  3. Melissa - PixiePointers.com

    Great article! We love Teppan Edo; it’s a different experience every time you go. A couple of our other favorites are Coral Reef & Garden Grill.

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