Jonathan’s Disney Trip Report!

Here is the much anticipated trip report from my cousin Jonathan!  “Hope everyone enjoys … Ok so Sandy and I decided to go to Disney for an overnight getaway since it is only an hour and fifteen minutes away ( jealous anyone ?? Haha ). First stop was Magic Kingdom. Sandy’s request of splash mountain was first. Awesome ride. Loved all the animatronics inside. It wasn’t a long wait at all. 20 minutes tops.

I always say no wait time is too long for splash mountain! Mr toad and the rabbit are trying to tell you something here! Haha soaked. We had the second seat and I thought we were safe.

My stomach was telling me I was hungry.  Tt was about 5pm. Sandy lets me pick the restaurants since I’m the fat kid and I know yummy food . And it just so happens that it was day 3 of Morimoto in Disney springs being open. So we went there. Looked at the menu and it looked yummy.

I ordered pad Thai shrimp and Sandy ordered chicken lo mein! My pad Thai was the best I’ve ever had! Absolutely delicious.   And Sandy thought hers was great as well! 

And the peach/pear sangria was delicious too. Bartender was very nice and helpful. 

I would highly recommend this restaurant to everyone going to visit the Disney area! I have my fingers crossed that my cousin has this restaurant on her list of many places to eat when they come down in June! (Wink wink* hint hint* mc!!!!! lol )

Chef morimoto was actually in the kitchen we found out that day and he was autographing their house bottles of sake and beers. We didn’t ask for one bc I didn’t want to be that annoying celebrity while the man is trying to work ! Haha maybe next visit next weekend ( yes next weekend be jealous 😜) we ll get an autograph if he’s there!”  Thank you so much Jonathan for writing a post and sharing your trip with us!  I think you are hoping we have Morimoto on the list and that you and Sandy are free the night we eat there too, right? Haha.  The photo below is a little dark but it is of my cousins in Morimoto!


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4 responses to “Jonathan’s Disney Trip Report!

  1. Hey how does one get invited to be a guest blogger? Is there an application? Do you have to swear off any allegiance to universal parks ;-).

  2. Natalie Davis

    Hello, Mary! I tagged you to do a Disney World tag! Please, check out my blog for details! °0°

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