Disney World: This or That Tag

Natalie at Disney Freak with a Bit of Mascara and The Disney Diva tagged me to participate in the Disney World: This or That survey.  I am going to tag Britt from Live Love Run Like a Princess because she is heading to Walt Disney World in a few weeks and Kaila from Kaila in Wonderland because she will be participating in the Disney College Program in the spring. I would definitely recommend checking out all of these sites because they are great blogs that I really enjoy reading!

I sometimes am hesitant about doing tagged posts but I LOVE posting about Disney and LOVE completing Disney questionnaires so here goes!

1.Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios? Magic Kingdom.  Hollywood Studios just can’t compare.

2.Epcot or Hollywood Studios? Definitely Epcot.  The World Showcase is amazing and one of my favorite rides in Studios, the Backlot Studios Tour has been closed for a while.  Also a little disappointed that the Osborne Lights won’t be back after this year.

3.Animal Kingdom or Epcot? Is this even a question? Epcot.  If you can’t tell Epcot is my favorite park with Magic Kingdom as a close second (right now anyways).

4.Epcot or Magic Kingdom? Epcot.  See question 3.

5.Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom? Hollywood Studios.

6.Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom? Magic Kingdom.

6.Splash Mountain or Space Mountain? Splash Mountain and I am bummed I did not get to ride it last trip

7.Peter Panโ€™s Flight or Itโ€™s A Small World? It’s a Small World 100%.  I do not like Peter Pan because the track is above you and not below.  I do not like rides when the track is above.

8.The Jungle Crusie or Pirates of the Carribean? This one will have to be a tie.  These rides are two of my favorite in Magic Kingdom.  I finally understand all of the jokes on The Jungle Cruise and enjoy it much more when I was little and got this and the safari in Animal Kingdom confused.  And Pirates is a classic even though I still jump at the gun shots.

9.Be Our Guest Restaurant or Crystal Palace? I haven’t been to Crystal Palace in years, but we are going to try it again next trip hopefully.  So Be Our Guest wins this one, especially since it is in my top two for Magic Kingdom restaurants.

10.Tower of Terror or Rock โ€˜n Roller Coaster? Tower of Terror.  I really like the whole frightening atmosphere and like watching the Twilight Zone episodes and then trying to find connections to the show in the lobby and library.

11.Beauty and the Beast-Live on Stage! or Vovage of the Little Mermaid? Well I fell asleep during Beauty and the Beast last time so…Little Mermaid it is!

12.Toy Story Mania or Star Tours-The Adventure Continues? Toy Story Mania since my stomach gets upset on Star Tours.  Although now I have seen all of the Star Wars movies so I might have to go on it again just to recognize the characters even though I won’t feel completely well after, haha.

13.Test Track or Soarinโ€™? Both are great top Epcot attractions.  I think I would go with Test Track because I have not been on it in a while.

14.France or United Kingdom Showcase? Besides the crepes in France and the circle vision movie…the pavilion is not my favorite.  I prefer the UK pavilion because I think there is nothing better than taking a break from the rides and listening to the band play.  The UK stores are fantastic and my favorite Disney character, Winnie the Pooh, can be found here.

15.Mission Space or Spaceship Earth? I’ve only been on Mission Space once and I really enjoy Spaceship Earth so Spaceship Earth wins.

16.China or Japan Showcase? Japan because Japan has amazing drummers and delicious Hibachi.

17.Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three 
Caballeros or Maelstrom? Gran Fiesta Tour. This really should not be a question.  Anyone in my family knows that Maelstrom was my least favorite ride ever except maybe Stitch’s Great Escape.

18.It Is Tough To Be A Bug or Festival of a Lion King? Festival of the Lion King.  It’s Tough to be a Bug is scary, especially when there is so much smoke and you can’t see anything!  But I could watch the Lion King show over and over.  Disney is the only place where you can get hundreds of people to act like elephants in the audience while they are waiting for the show to start.

19.DINOSAUR or Expedition Everest? Audio-animatronic dinosaurs are my number one fear so I definitely prefer Expedition Everest.

20. Polynesian Resort or Contemporary? Contemporary.  Great restaurants and within walking distance to Magic Kingdom.

21.Pop Century Resort or Art of Animation? I haven’t been to either but Art of Animation looks more fun.


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6 responses to “Disney World: This or That Tag

  1. Natalie Davis

    I really enjoyed reading your answers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one that hates Tough to Be a Bug! ๐Ÿ™‚

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