Worldly Wednesday: Natural History Museum in London

In the Kensington area of London is the Natural History Museum.  IMG_1232This building is beautiful outside and inside.  The museum is free, as are many museums in London which is different from many museums in the United States.  We waited in a fairly long line outside the building before the museum opened on the Saturday morning before our flight home because we had a few hours to spare.  IMG_1234However, as soon as the museum opened, the line moved fairly quickly and one of the museum employees shouted at the line telling us to open our bags ahead of time for bag check.  The museum has many different wings and exhibits.  The Dinosaur exhibit was definitely the most crowded so I would suggest heading there as soon as you enter the museum.  A lot of fossils and even a moving animatronic Dinosaur make up the large dinosaur exhibit.  The museum did not have great air conditioning, although maybe this was also because I was packed between many people moving through the dinosaur exhibit, but I would recommend not going on a hot day in the summer.  IMG_1241I especially liked the limited time ocean exhibit they had, but I don’t believe it is still there.  Here is a photo of me next to a lovely stingray.  All in all, the Natural History Museum is a hidden gem and I would highly recommend visiting.  I hope to go back the next time I am in London to look at more of the exhibits.

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