Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Registration Opened


Package registration opened a few days ago for the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon taking place in September 2016.  Has anyone signed up to go and run the race?  I am waiting to make a decision until at least January when they are supposedly selling just bibs instead of the whole hotel and park ticket package.   I also don’t find out for sure that I am going to England for study abroad until March so that’s another factor.


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5 responses to “Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Registration Opened

  1. I’ve been dying to do one of the Half Marathon events at any of the Disney Parks, I’ll be in Europe around the time of this half so maybe I’ll try to squeeze it into my travel plans next year!

    • Yes! I would definitely try to! Bib only registrations open in January so I would recommend looking into them. I love your blog by the way and I can’t wait to read some more of your posts about your travels!

      • Thanks so much! And yes I saw that in your post! I am definitely going to look into it once bib only registration opens up, but I’m already signed up for another race that same weekend back in the states so I may or may not be able to get to it. If not next year, then maybe the year after!

      • Oh okay! If you have not been to Isle of Skye in Scotland I would definitely recommend traveling there. It is an amazing place. I ran a half there this past summer and while the course was tough and hilly, the location was beautiful. I hope to go back there again one day.

      • I’ll definitely have to look into it! Scotland is the top travel destination that I want to go to so it’d be pretty cool to run in something like that I bet!

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