Choosing an Arrival Flight

So you’re going to Walt Disney World…yay!  If you usually drive then this post will be of little help, but for those who fly I am going to present you with the advantages and disadvantages of different time of day flights with suggestions.  This is key since we are looking at flights for our next trip currently.

The times of flights arriving in WDW:

The really really early flight (earlier than 8am)

  • Advantages:
    • You will be able to be in the parks around noon and will get an extra day of park time meaning you will be in Disney much earlier
    • You won’t have to wait around all day pacing and agonizing over the fact that you just want to be in Disney already!
  • Disadvantages:
    • Your room most likely will not be ready for check in so you will have to store your luggage
    • You have to wake up at the crack of dawn which can be a challenge
    • You might hit a wall when you are very tired later on

The morning flight (8am-noon)

  • Advantages:
    • You don’t have to wake up so early and are still in the parks for most of the day if you want to be
    • You can book an Advanced Dining Reservation for dinner at one of the resorts or even at the parks if you have an extra day on your ticket
  • Disadvantages:
    • Your room might not be ready when you arrive
    • Lunch has to be eaten at the airport or on the way to Disney unless you can wait a while to eat

The afternoon flight (noon-6pm)

  • Advantages:
    • You can sleep in and not worry about rushing to the airport
    • You can do last minute packing the morning of
    • You might be able to book a late Advanced Dining Reservation for dinner
    • You can probably make late Extra Magic Hours
  • Disadvantages:
    • You lose crucial park hours (basically a whole day)
    • Lunch is on the road or at the airport and sadly not at Be Our Guest or Olivia’s
    • If the flight is delayed, you arrive even later and it might not be worth it to try to make it to a park

The late evening flight (6pm-9pm)

  • Advantages:
    • To me, there are not any advantages to flying in this late…but I guess you could look at it and say that you are well rested and ready to go for Day 1 in the parks
  • Disadvantages
    • No extra day at the park
    • No time to get settled in the room and fully unpack
    • Luggage cannot be picked up by Magical Express if you land after 10pm
    • You arrive at your room and go to sleep-What’s magical about that?
    • All your meals are eaten at home
    • Some of the stores/restaurants at airports close early so you might not be able to have your traditional Famiglia Pizza spaghetti in the airport for a meal

Everyone has different flight and arrival preferences though.  What time of day do you like to arrive at Walt Disney World?




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