Wine and Dine Half of a Half

Well if you follow runDisney on social media or anyone who was running the Wine and Dine half marathon on Saturday night, you know what I am talking about.  Unfortunately I was not there but I hope to run the Wine and Dine in the future.  Saturday night, thousands of runners were expecting to complete a half marathon in Walt Disney World and then end having food and wine around the food booths.  Well…the last part of the plan is true.

From what I have read and heard, the busses were a bit delayed getting to ESPN Wide World of Sports, where the race starts.  Lightning started and the forecast looked terrible with large thunderstorms so before race start, all runners and volunteers were evacuated from the starting corrals into the ESPN building and the stadium.  The race was delayed, but no word was given for a bit on what would happen.  After around 30-45 minutes I believe, they announced that it was safe (although still very hot and humid) and the race would begin at a delayed time with a shortened course (about 7.1 miles).  Then all the runners and volunteers moved back outside, the race started, and the runners were off.  Some runners expressed complaints about the shortened route but safety is Disney’s number one priority.  From what I have read, it seems Disney did a great job with ushering everyone inside and then outside and communicating for the most part about what was going on.

Last year, it rained during the Wine and Dine half and many of the medals fell apart.  Now all the runners have an awesome story to tell and hey they still had a much better night than most of us who were not at Walt Disney World!


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2 responses to “Wine and Dine Half of a Half

  1. I was up in the middle of the night Saturday night (thank you pregnancy insomnia), so I saw the tweets from runDisney and several runners’ posts on social media. It seems like runDisney did the best they could given the weather. Nobody likes to have things changed on them last minute, but we can’t control Mother Nature either.

    • Sorry to hear you can’t sleep. I am sure you are getting excited as the due date approaches! Yes, it does seem that runDisney did their best. That is very true! Even Disney magic can’t affect the weather.

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