Things I Haven’t Done at WDW

Walt Disney World is twice the size of Manhattan and even though I have visited many times, I still have not seen or done it all.  Here is a list of some of the things I have not done at Walt Disney World, which I had fun putting together.

  • I have not had a Turkey Leg yet.  It is on my to do list but unfortunately our meal times and ride hopes never seem to align with buying a huge turkey leg.
  • I have not been to many of the resorts and have only stayed at two (if you count the Swan as one).
  • I have not used a fitness center (mostly because running outside is so nice at Old Key West and because I walk a lot during Disney trips)
  • I have not experienced a Star Wars weekend and now I never will because they are ending them while Disney’s Hollywood Studios goes under construction for all of the new additions
  • I have not seen a game at ESPN Wide World of Sports
  • I have not looked at all of the artifacts in the American Adventure Rotunda (might have years ago but don’t remember them)
  • I have never seen all of the Circle Vision 360’s in Epcot
  • I have not been chosen to open Magic Kingdom or be the family of the day
  • I have not participated in any of Sammy Duvall’s Watersports at the Contemporary (although my mom went parasailing with my cousin)
  • I have never had the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream

But…I have finally filled my Mickey and Friends crushed penny book!


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9 responses to “Things I Haven’t Done at WDW

  1. Turkey leg is a priority item. In a few years every day will be a Star Wars day. You can always try to do a Star Wars rundisney event too ;-). What about going to discovery island or river country? Oh wait that can get you banned for life – too risky. Here’s a question for your next blog post – list the rides that have broken down when you’ve been on them (and not just the please stand by we are experiencing technical difficulties the ride will resume shortly. So say five minutes or more is the threshold).

    • Haha true. Yes, extinct parks and attractions don’t count otherwise we would be here forever and I am definitely not risking getting banned for life. That’s a great idea! Thanks for that! I will start working on that list soon.

  2. Congrats on your penny book! I haven’t had a turkey leg either! Do you know if SW Weekends will start again after the renovations?

  3. Those are some fun ideas! We love the turkey legs but, sadly, didn’t have one when we were there for halloween

  4. ProsperityAndCalamities

    I have been to Disneyland many, many, many times and never had a turkey leg there. However, on many Disney Cruises there is a buffet after the fireworks on pirate night and they have turkey legs there (free!). So I did have one on the disney cruise and I thought it tasted like bacon.

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