Worldly Wednesday: Victoria and Albert Museum

IMG_0995Well I thought the Victoria and Albert Museum would be really fancy due to the restaurant in Walt Disney World copying the name, however it was not super fancy.  I even think I enjoyed this museum more than the British Museum.  The exterior and interior of the building are beautiful.  I will definitely head back next time I am in London because there is so much to see in this museum.  I thought the “All of This Belongs To You” sign was very neat.  The museum is also free!  IMG_0998Unless you want to go into one of the special exhibits, which we did.

We saw the exhibit “Shoes: Pleasure & Pain.”  My mom and my sister spent a good amount of time looking at this exhibit.   I thought it was neat but I also thought it was crazy how many shoes some people have collected.   I collect packs of cards and those are much cheaper than some of the exclusive shoes on display. I did not even know shoe collecting was a thing!  I would never wear even half of the shoes that were on display due to their high heels or uncomfortable style.  I was super excited because we got to see the Glass Slipper from the Cinderella movie which came out last year.  Unfortunately, no photos were allowed inside of the exhibit so I do not have any of the Glass Slipper.   I would definitely recommend the Victoria and Albert Museum as a sight to see on your next trip to London!IMG_0984

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