Rides I Have Gotten Stuck On

Thanks to a reader suggestion, this post will talk about the rides I have unfortunately gotten stuck on before.  Whenever someone gets on the ride who needs help getting in the vehicle, the ride slows down and often stops.  So I will not count the short stops which were most likely due to this.

  • WEDway People Mover-15 min waiting time, and then we were evacuated off the ride during the 2013 WDW Marathon weekend.  So I had ran a half in the morning and gotten evacuated off the ride in the afternoon.  They did give us each a free FASTPASS to use anywhere in Magic Kingdom so that was very nice and we saw a little behind the scenes look at a stairwell near the People Mover.
  • Splash Mountain-5 min waiting time.  I was stuck on this one while my sister and dad were watching the fireworks.  I ended up being able to watch them while our boat was stuck so that was nice.  I knew we were going to get stopped eventually because they had let too many boats out quickly so we were really backed up.
  • Ariel’s Undersea Adventure-5-7min, of course we were stuck in the Ursula scene.  I would have preferred any other scene I think.
  • Journey into Imagination with Figment-7-10min.  The theme song for this ride is great, but you get tired of it.  We were stuck in the scene where everything is upside down so I spent a lot of time wondering about the upside down popcorn and if they ever clean the food of dust on the ceiling.
  • Carousel of Progress 7-10min, got to see one of the scenes twice since we did not rotate!

Those are all of the rides I can remember right now that I have been truly stuck on.  What rides have you been stuck on?  Have you been evacuated off any of them?


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3 responses to “Rides I Have Gotten Stuck On

  1. Space mountain where they had to turn the lights on so we got see all of the tracks clearly. Good photo op but thankfully we rode in the dark. I suspect it would be less fun if you could clearly see what was ahead of you.

  2. I was stuck on Kali River Rapids on my last trip. We had just got on and were half way up the conveyor belt! I can think of worse places to get stuck, though. 🙂

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