I Just Can’t Wait to Go to Disney Tag

Natalie from Disney Freak with a Bit of Mascara! created the “I Just Can’t  Wait to Go to Disney” Tag which I think was a fantastic idea and tagged me to answer the questions!  Thanks Natalie! She is preparing for her Disney trip that is coming up and what better way to get excited than to blog about it!  Here are my answers to the questions:

1.How do you get extra excited for your Disney trips? I watch Disney home videos, Disney YouTube videos, play the Walt Disney World soundtrack, and talk about Disney with anyone who will listen!  My family and I also plan out our dining reservations and Fastpass reservations way in advance so that helps me get excited.  We are currently working on our dining reservation plans for June even though we still have a few weeks before we can make them.  My sister and I will plan out our outfits too so that we are wearing the most Disney apparel.

2.How do you feel the few days before your vacation? I can’t stand the few days before vacation, especially if I am already packed.  I just want the trip to arrive.  When I was younger I thought that I could maybe sleep for the few days straight so that I would be able to stay up later for Evening Extra Magic Hours and then wake up for Morning Extra Magic Hours…It does not work.  I wish I could store sleep or develop some kind of technology to do so.

3.What are the things you are most excited about? I love checking in to Old Key West and having the cast members say “Welcome Home.”  Then going into the general store to see what is new since the last time we were there.  When I was younger, my grandma and aunt would always buy our autograph books and pens for us right when we arrived.

4.When you see Disney World\land for the first time of your vacation, how do you react? Well arriving in Orlando airport is the first part of our Disney vacation so when we land, we get very excited.  My sister and I usually try to contain our screams when we see the Disney World sign but it is a challenge.

5.What do you like to do while  traveling to  Disney? We always fly to Disney so I usually bring a few books with me and read none of them while on the flight.  I have grandiose plans of getting work done or finishing a book but I can never focus.  Instead I usually sleep or watch the JetBlue flight tracker map.  The flight tracker map and the blue chips are amazing on JetBlue.  Sometimes I might watch a movie or listen to music but sleep and watching the flight map are usually the top priorities.

6.What do you pack when you go to Disney?  Not as much as my sister.  That’s the simple answer to this question, haha.  I pack clothes for each day, my charm bracelet (my sister, mom, aunt, and grandma have charm bracelets too), my Mickey ears, good walking shoes, dress shoes, sunscreen, toiletries, my itinerary, and usually I pack a Winnie the Pooh.  I also make sure to have my MagicBand in my carry on.

7.Do you countdown the days until you go to Disney, and if so, how do you?  My sister counts the days down on an app on her phone.  I don’t do so just because I found time goes more slowly when I check the app every five minutes and it has barely changed.

I am going to do something different for this tag. I am going to tag Kellie at Will Run for Ears for this tag but then also going to challenge any reader (blogger or not aka my family members as well) to answer these questions if you want and email me the answers and I will post them!


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2 responses to “I Just Can’t Wait to Go to Disney Tag

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOO I’m so honored! I gotta start thinking about my answers!

    (And seriously how hard are the days leading to a Disney trip?!?! The closer I get the more impossible the days!)

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