Advanced Dining Reservations Made!

So I made preliminary dining reservations for my family’s next trip to Walt Disney World.  We will be visiting some of the usual places, such as Liberty Tree Tavern, but also visiting some restaurants we haven’t been to in years such as the Crystal Palace and Via Napoli.

I have to say I was shocked when I was up at 8am days ago to make the reservations and some of the restaurants already did not have the time slots I wanted!  I had expected Be Our Guest to be filled, but it was not, so I had booked it first.  Beaches and Cream, one of the last ones I booked, had no dinner times.  The only had 4:15 or 7:15pm.  Now did I miss a memo that Beaches and Cream was suddenly really hard to get into?  I have never made a reservation for it before.  The one time we did go we walked up and had to wait half an hour to get in which wasn’t bad.  Morimoto Asia also does not take reservations until 90 days before your trip.  Okay, that’s fine.  I understand it is technically not a Disney restaurant even though it is on Disney property, but I like to have everything scheduled!

And we have a large crew for some of the meals because different family members are joining us and our standard traveling party for this trip is already 8 people, so scheduling can be tricky.  I am sure everything will work out though and until the trip begins I will be getting extra excited!


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2 responses to “Advanced Dining Reservations Made!

  1. DisneyOpinions

    Good work on getting that coveted Be Our Guest reservation! I am also shocked that Beaches and Cream was all booked especially since it’s not inside a park!

    • Thanks! Yes, I agree! And I just tried to see if anything opened up and split our group of 8 into two groups of 4, but Disney wouldn’t let me make the reservations online. I just want to try the Kitchen Sink!

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