Walt Disney World Updates

It seems Walt Disney World changes every time I open my laptop!  I’m going to break down the changes by park to keep myself organized but I am sure there are a few I might miss.

All Parks:

  • Metal detectors are now at all Walt Disney World parks before you enter the park.  I am interested to hear how this is working as the regular bag check lines can get pretty lengthy some days.  My advice to Disney would be to somehow try to put the metal detectors ahead of the bag check so the lines wouldn’t get so backed up.  For example, put a line of metal detectors coming off the buses at MK, at the monorail exit at MK, and off the ferry at MK.  Extra security is always good but I also do not want to spend half an hour in the line to get into the park.

Magic Kingdom: 

  • A new sit down restaurant has opened called Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen.  To see the menu click here.  The menu looks a little more daring than many of the Magic Kingdom menus which is exciting and I hope I can try it in January for dinner.

Hollywood Studios

  • The Star Wars Launch Bay opened which has different items from the Star Wars movies and you can even get a photo with Darth Vader or a Storm Trooper depending on the timing.  Star Wars Episode VII has made over 1 billion worldwide.  I saw the movie over break and it was great.  I am looking forward to getting my photo with a Storm Trooper next summer.
  • Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular” fireworks show debuted a few days ago as well and is a Star Wars fireworks show
  • The final days of the Osborne Dancing Lights are coming up.  I have heard that there is now a line to get into the Streets of America at night and that the parking lots become full.  So, if you would like to see the lights, get to Studios early and leave early.
  • One Man’s Dream had a preview of the Good Dinosaur for a while, not sure if that is still there.  A Star Wars preview was also in one of the theaters at the park.


  • Captain EO has left Epcot!  For now…but I hope for a while as I miss Honey I Shrunk the Audience.  The short term replacement is a Pixar Short Film Festival which sounds like a fun, air conditioned way to break up a long day at Epcot.

Disney Springs:

  • The Ganachery, a new chocolate store opened and looks delicious.
  • Two pedestrian bridges are open
  •  Morimoto Asia is opening a new quick service place with a limited menu, similar to how the Wolfgang Puck Restaurant has an Express section for quick items.
  • It seems a new store opens every week so stay tuned for more updates


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