One Week until I’m in Florida!

First post of 2016 and I get to talk about how excited I am to be going to Florida in a week!  However, I don’t want this week to go by too quickly because I am enjoying being home, working at the travel agency again and my 20th birthday is on Thursday which will be fun.  Follow @disneyonmindblog on Instagram to get live updates of the Florida trip multiple times a day.  Even though I say I created the Instagram account for the blog, I sort of also created it so I can post Disney pictures all the time, haha.  Hope everyone had a Happy New Year and great holiday season.

My blogging goal for 2016 is to consistently blog three times a week…please hold me accountable.


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4 responses to “One Week until I’m in Florida!

  1. Natalie Davis

    Happy (almost) birthday! Where in Florida are you going? 🙂

    • Thank you Natalie! I will be in Orlando for a school career trip. I am mostly going to be in meetings all day but will get to visit SeaWorld, Universal and of course Disney for a few hours each so I am looking forward to that even though it isn’t really the same amount of time I am in the parks while on vacation.

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