Epcot in 2.5 Hours…Go!

One of the nights, we had 2.5 hours (exactly) to explore the park before we were meeting our driver to head back to the Hard Rock.  We had to go through bag check and then me IMG_3635and one other person in our group were selected for what they called random metal detector screening.  So not everyone at Epcot was going through a metal detector, only those who were picked out to do so randomly.  This was different from Universal where anyone who entered CityWalk had to go through a metal detector.  You have to go to CityWalk to get into the Universal Parks.

We posed for a quick photo in front of Spaceship Earth but then first thing was first…we had to go and get free Coke samples at Club Cool.  Everyone in the group tried Beverly first but no one really liked it or made a crazy face.  Vegita Beta from Japan was definitely a favorite.  After making our way through the sticky floors, we decided it was time for a ride.  My group asked me to lead them to the first attraction since I have been to Epcot many times so we went over to Test Track.  I was debating between going to Soarin’ or Test Track but Test Track was closer and the board said it had a shorter wait time so we walked over there.  We decided to do single rider because the line said it would only be about a 10 minute wait, compared to the regular line of 40 minutes.  Test Track was fun and I always forget how fast that one part is and my hair tends to get very messed up in my face.  I don’t think the group realized the extent to which I was a Disney fan until we started going around the World Showcase and the night turned into “how can we stump Mary.”  It was fun going through the countries and hearing questions which I had not thought about before because I was used to sort of breezing through and not noticing some of the things I have seen every trip.

We walked the whole World Showcase and then after giving the group a few options, we headed over to the Seas with Nemo and Friends.  IMG_3627There was no line for the ride which was great and everyone thought it was a cute ride.  Unfortunately, we did not see any dolphins or large animals in the tanks.  We only saw the smaller fish and some stingrays.  Maybe they go to bed at a certain time?  I had never been in the Seas before this late at night.  We did get to see about five scuba divers though and one even posed for a picture in front of a “hidden Mickey.”  At this point, we only had 45 minutes left.  So we hiked it over to Spaceship Earth and went on that ride to end the night.   The wait was probably about 10 minutes which was not bad.  I apologize for the lack of photos.  I realize now that I only took these two photos while in Epcot since I was more focused on getting to our driver on time and leading the group on the Epcot two hour quick tour.

While it was the quickest Disney park stop I have ever done, I was surprised by the three rides and walk around World Showcase that we did.  We walked at a fairly brisk pace and did not stop to eat or take photos, which definitely helped in staying on track.  I wouldn’t recommend doing the park in 2.5 hours by any means though and everyone in the group agreed that they would definitely like to come back sometime, especially to explore the other Disney parks.  Also, we were all dressed up because of the meetings we had earlier in the day (I was in a blazer and dress pants) and people definitely notice you when you are so dressed up at a theme park.  I wonder if they thought we were important people instead of just a group of college students…

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