SeaWorld Part 1: Discovery Cove

IMG_3765Due to a unanimous vote on my last post (thanks to those who commented), my SeaWorld experiences will be highlighted first!  Our very first stop on our SeaWorld day (after having already visited Legoland at around 8am) was to Discovery Cove.  Discovery Cove is amazing! Here, you pay a couple hundred dollars (price depending on the season you are there) to have an all inclusive experience swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing all day.  If you want, you can swim with dolphins as well.  Everything (all food, locker rentals, snorkeling equipment) is included except if you want to purchase photos of your dolphin experience which comes at an extra charge (of course).  Discovery Cove does not feel like a theme park at all and is beautiful!  The whole “park” is serene with one main area where you can swim with different types of fish and rays.  IMG_3751We were only here for a half an hour walking around and also watching the dolphins in the water who were showing off for us.  Again, we weren’t here during a super busy time so I am not sure what the park looks like at full capacity but I bet it still feels very spacious and calm.

I think a trip to Discovery Cove would be perfect for a mid week break from the other theme parks where you could just take a day to relax and not have to worry about running to the next attraction.  I can’t see spending more than a day or two in Discovery Cove during a week long trip to Orlando. We did not get to see the marmosets and otters which was a little disappointing but I think I will be back to Discovery Cove one day.  It was challenging for us in dress clothes to go to the park because we desperately wanted to lay out on the beach and swim with the fish.  We also kept lagging behind our guide because we were watching the animals play and taking photos. IMG_3770 I would recommend going in the winter, if it is warm enough during your trip because the prices are a little lower. Another item to note is that there are many different areas of the “park” and I would definitely check them out on the website.  With your admission, you also get a 14 day park pass to SeaWorld, which is a pretty good deal.  You have to use the 14 days consecutively around your reservation at Discovery Cove so you can’t use a day for one trip and then come back a month later and use another day of the pass.  Reservations are made for Discovery Cove a year in advance, so if it is something you are really interested in doing, I would book it now.

Has anyone been to Discovery Cove before?  I’d be interested in hearing how swimming with the dolphins and how your day was at Discovery Cove!IMG_3764

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