SeaWorld Part 2

So in the last post, I talked about Discovery Cove and that is only one of SeaWorld’s three main areas in Orlando.  After seeing the beautiful Discovery Cove, we shuttled over to Aquatica, the water park. IMG_3784 I was not surprised that we only encountered about 10 people at the water park who were not employees.  It hadn’t even reached 55 degrees yet that day!  I don’t know how they were going on the water rides but there were no lines so that part must have been nice if you could tolerate the cold water.  They were also running from ride to ride, probably to stay warm.  I would’ve needed a wetsuit and not a bikini to go in the water on that day!  IMG_3778One ride at Aquatica involves going through one of the tanks with fish in it and I wish it had been warmer for us to try that ride.  Aquatica has a great system (similar to Disney Magic Bands) where you can buy a wristband and use that as your way to pay for items and get around all day.  Perfect item for a water park especially as no one wants to carry around cash.  Aquatica also had awesome rentable storage containers that you could lock and attach to your beach chair to store valuables in.  So, you could put your phone in there and not have to worry about walking all the way back to a locker to look at your messages after a ride.

We then went over to SeaWorld and ate at Sharks Underwater Grill, which is similar to eating at The Seas at Walt Disney World. IMG_3788 I got the seat closest to the tank with the sharks and fish in it, which was neat because I got to watch them all swim by. IMG_3796 However, it was a bit distracting to focus on anything else during the lunch when I had sharks swimming by me, so I am not sure how much I remember from what everyone said, haha.  I had salmon for lunch here.  The restaurant is definitely the more upscale place to eat in the park, as the other places are quick service or typical park food.

Then we walked around the park and had a little backstage tour where we saw SeaWorld’s rehabilitation center for the animals which was very neat.  We learned so much about SeaWorld’s rescue mission and saw some of the turtles and other animals they have rescued.  IMG_3830

We then went into the dolphin show right before it started and found an empty bench even though the show was packed.  It was a great show, but very short…maybe 10 minutes long.

The show also had a few birds in it and one of them managed to fly away from where it was supposed to be and into the crowd right in front of us which was funny.  The trainer was right behind the fly away guy and quickly picked him up, but not before a few people got a little scared and scooted over or stood up from the bench to move away.

Next, we traveled many miles to Antarctica to see the penguins.  The guy on the right on his tummy in the first photo is a good example to show how exhausted we all felt after this amazing and busy week.

We had to go through the ride line and then separated off from the main attraction line to just see the penguins and avoid the twisty turny ride.  I found it really interesting that there was no glass between the penguins and us.  The positive to this is that we could see the penguins very well.  The negative to this was that we could also smell the penguins very well.  Penguins do not exactly smell like fresh flowers in case you were wondering.  We only stood in the building for a few minutes before exiting due to the smell and because we were cold.

At this point, it was time for a snack break of cotton candy.  A few of us also decided to head over to the kid’s area.  The kid’s area is in the way back of the park and takes forever to get to especially when you are tired from walking around.  We went on the kid’s roller coaster which was funny.  I think all the kids were probably wondering why four teenage girls in business clothes were getting on the kid’s coaster but oh well.  Unlike the Disney roller coasters, there were literally no other adults on the ride with us.

We got to see all of SeaWorld Orlando’s properties in one packed day before heading back to the Hard Rock Hotel.  My favorite part of the great day was definitely seeing the rehab center and the animals there.


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