Legoland Hotel

On one of the days in Orlando, we woke up early and drove just over an hour to get to Legoland.   I supposedly have been to Legoland in California before but don’t really remember it at all so I was looking forward to seeing Legoland in Florida.  Everyone on the trip agreed that Legoland as well as the Legoland Hotel really exceeded our expectations.

IMG_3744.JPGThe hotel is amazing.  Everything is very kid friendly from the check in counter (at a lower height so that kids can see over it) to the elevators (which have a disco ball and play Dancing Queen when the doors close).  However, we all really enjoyed the party elevator and are not considered “kids” anymore.  We saw a standard hotel room as well as a suite so I have included a few photos of those rooms.  Each room has a treasure chest and when you check in, the children get a code so that they can open the chest and complete different activities.

The hotel has Lego building classes and is a very short walk away from the park, making it convenient for families to walk over after grabbing breakfast.  The hotel only opened last May with the park having opened in 2011.  If you have young kids who enjoy Legos, I would highly recommend taking a visit to Legoland and staying at the hotel.  I will write more about the park in another post.


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3 responses to “Legoland Hotel

  1. Hi from Finland! I wouldn’t mind staying in a Legoland hotel. Maybe with my goddaughter one day. But I’d definitely have to go a bit nearer to home, so it would have to be the Legoland in Denmark!

    • Hi and thank you so much for reading the post! I would love to visit Finland one day. I didn’t even know they had a Legoland in Denmark! It definitely is a neat hotel and the park is awesome too. I will be writing about the park later this week and while I don’t know how similar the one in Florida is to Denmark, I would guess they are fairly similar.

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