The Hard Rock Hotel Review

Well, seeing as I returned from Orlando about two months ago, this review is only slightly overdue.  I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel for almost one week and really enjoyed my stay.  I’ll organize this review by walking through the main parts of the hotel.


The lobby of the hotel has a seating area which is sometimes used for groups or events, so seating in the lobby is limited when a company has a breakfast.  The lobby also has a huge television screen with older music videos playing on it 24/7.  I liked the television screen 99% of the time, but when we were about to get on our shuttle at 6:45am in the morning the rock music was a little over the top.  But it fits the theme of the hotel very well.

But, I did not spend more than half an hour in the lobby each day so I should probably switch to talking about the room now.  IMG_3532My room faced the pool and the parks which was neat because we could see one of the roller coasters running at Universal all the time.  The full length mirror in the room had lines and names of celebrities to show how tall certain celebrities were.  I stood up to the mirror and no surprise was shorter than many of them but it was a unique feature I had never seen in a hotel before.  The beds and pillows were comfy and I slept well after long days.

IMG_3535We ate at the Kitchen restaurant three times during the week.  We were too tired to walk to CityWalk but the Kitchen was a great choice.  All three nights we had fantastic meals and awesome waiters.  I would highly recommend the cornbread, but the pretzel rolls were tasty as well.  Some at my table tried Alligator Tail, but I was not adventurous IMG_3536enough to try it.  They said it did not taste bad and sort of tasted like chicken so maybe next time I will try it…but probably not.

Emack and Bolio’s ice cream, which is right next to the Kitchen on the ground floor, has delicious ice cream.  I had high expectations but they were met with my ice cream and hot fudge that night.  I previously highlighted my love affair with their room service chocolate chip pancakes so I won’t talk about that again but I highly recommend room service at the Hard Rock.

The hotel is a little challenging to navigate as the first floor is technically the ground floor so when you are in the elevator and press 1, you go down to the ground floor where the Kitchen is and not the lobby.  There are stairs nearby though so you can get to the lobby easily.  IMG_3553And each nook of the hotel has rock artifacts with either costumes from famous singers (like the one from Lady Gaga below) or guitars and it is fun to walk around and explore the different props.

Most of the crowd was either older guests or young couples with very young children.  The Hard Rock was not overflowing with families but that was probably due to that it was January and most children don’t still have winter break from school then.



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2 responses to “The Hard Rock Hotel Review

  1. Looks like a neat place! Whenever I am in Orlando I pretty much always stay in a Disney hotel, but maybe soon I’ll have to give this one a try. Must be so cool to see the rollercoasters from the room!

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