Sophomore/Junior year done!

Well since I am graduating in three years, and not four, I just completed my sophomore/junior year of college.  This semester went by so quickly.   I feel like I was just in Orlando in January but that was months ago!  I am now officially a senior which is crazy but also exciting.

For those of you who are avid blog readers, you may have noticed a name change.  No, not my name (I really like Mary), but the blog’s name.  Disney on my Mind is now going to be Travel on my Mind, at least until I can think of a better name.  I am trying to transition because I have been having more non-Disney related travel adventures (such as to Omaha, Nebraska which I need to write about) and then in the fall I will be in England and traveling around Europe.  So, while I still will have many, many posts about Disney, including a trip recap for my next trip, I will continue to blog about my other travels as well.  So next week, look forward to posts on Omaha, Walt Disney World, and What To Do and Not To Do When Traveling.


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