Omaha Part 1

I thought I would highlight my recent trip to Omaha, Nebraska briefly because I had some interesting travel experiences and went to a new destination.

My trip was all planned out with shuttles, flights, and a hotel booked.  I woke up early to catch the 6am shuttle from school after not sleeping much through the night for fear of missing the alarm.  Well this is the second travel experience I have had in the last year where I have learned that you can plan out travel plans to the minute and yet the unexpected happens.  I was surprisingly relaxed in the shuttle once I realized I might miss my flight but I would figure it out.  I was stuck in traffic 10 miles from the airport.  Thankfully the accident cleared up and I made it through security and then ran through the terminal to the gate.  I had a few minutes to run to the bathroom, grab a snack and water and then I was boarding.  My original plan had been to get to the airport, window shop in the Vineyard Vines store, and then grab a leisurely breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts.  Bye plan.

First flight was fine and I landed in Chicago for a layover.  I easily navigated O’Hare, which I believe is a much better airport than JFK.  Almost every set of seats had electrical outlets to charge devices, the bathrooms were clean, and there was a variety of places to eat.  The signs also made it very easy to get to the other terminal whereas in JFK, I don’t even know where to go when I arrive.

I grabbed a bagel and french fries.  The bagel was surprisingly good but the french fries were sub par with no salt!  Second flight was on a much smaller plane and the poor flight attendant could not even stand up.  I always forget that JetBlue is one of the only airlines where you know you will have a personal TV and items to watch for free.  I love to watch the flight map and know the elevation but this flight I could not do so.  So I just listened to my ancient iPod nano and the flight went by quickly.  I stared out the window at the fields as we descended.  Part 2 will detail my impressions of Omaha. things I saw during my short time there, and my postcard adventure.  Yes, you read that right.  Postcard adventure.


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