Omaha Part 2

After landing in Omaha’s small airport, it was easy getting to the hotel but then we were hungry so decided to go to a nearby tavern.  Best choice of the trip in my opinion.  I had not had a full meal all day and the salad was absolutely amazing.  So many flavors, very colorful, and exceeded my expectations.  I am not a huge salad person but will occasionally have them (such as at Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom) and this salad was delicious.  Here is a photo to make you hungry while reading.  IMG_4354

I was in Omaha for a learning trip, so I won’t blog about the daily stuff but I do want to highlight when I took a trip to the Joslyn Art Museum.  I would highly recommend visiting this museum if you are in Omaha.  I was not there for long unfortunately but was able to see Degas’ Little Dancer mold, as well as a few other pieces.  If I am back in Omaha one day though I will definitely stop in again to see more of the collection.

And finally, I would like to highlight my postcard adventure.  So, I bought postcards when I visited the Joslyn Art Museum because unlike New York City or any large city where there is a tourist shop on every corner with postcards, I could not find one within walking distance of my hotel.  Therefore I bought them there and they were very nice postcards.  I wrote them over the next two days and figured I would mail them the day before I left from the hotel.  Every hotel I have stayed at whether it has been in Boston or Florida or even the Isle of Skye in Scotland (which is fairly remote with only a few roads) has had stamps and mailed my postcards or mailed them for free.  But, my hotel only had packages.  So I could have mailed a postcard in a box…because that makes sense.  Then the hotel told me to try the bank, which was not open when I went and then I tried when it opened and they did not have them.  I resorted to asking at the airport and the employee sent me to the bank which was closed.  So then I had to walk down to the bookstore and then the employee couldn’t figure out how to enter the stamps in the computer.  Does no one send postcards or need stamps anymore?  I finally got my postcards stamped but then found out the mailbox was on the completely other side of the airport and my friends were waiting for me to go through security so I gave up.  I had to mail them when I got back to campus.

I love sending postcards and it has always been easy to do so until this trip.  Only thing I really did not like about Omaha was that running around.

The flights back were interesting because it was super windy.  So the second flight from Chicago, we actually landed on the honor code.  The flight attendants had barely passed out drinks, I had to gulp mine down as they quickly came around with garbage bags and the captain came on saying we were preparing for a windy, bumpy landing.  Then the flight attendants sat down way earlier than normal and came on the speakers saying “We will experience turbulence and the captain has asked us to get seated right away so we will land on the honor system.  Please make sure your seats and tray tables are in the upright position and tell your neighbor to do so if their seats and tray tables are not upright.”  That was a first.

That flight felt like Tower of Terror a little bit.  But then I was on my way back to school and all was good.

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