Worldly Wednesday: Lake Placid, NY

A couple of years ago, I visited Lake Placid, NY with my family.   Probably around 10 years ago, we each wrote a list of our top destinations to go over the next few years and Lake Placid was on more than one of our list so we went there for a long weekend.

We enjoyed taking the elevator up to the top of the ski jump, which is in the second photo.  I do not understand how Olympic athletes went down this though because it was so steep.  I am glad I never got into winter sports too much.  We went to the museum as well, which is where the third photo of my sister and the mascot was taken.  We saw the goal that the US team scored in to win the Miracle on Ice game against the Soviet Union.

The Cottage was a great restaurant we ate at for two nights where I had a fantastic beef barley soup in a bread bowl.   Whoever invented bread bowls was a genius.  My dad and I went skiing on Whiteface Mountain one day which was very fun.  I (think) I am improving on skiing.  I even got on the ski lift on my own!  (Besides my fear of animatronic dinosaurs, I also have a fear of ski lifts)  We went ice skating and had a fun long weekend.  I definitely recommend visiting Lake Placid for a long weekend, but you do not need to go for more than 5 days.


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