Getting Ready for Studying Abroad

I’m finally starting to get ready for studying abroad in England in the fall! I booked my flights, booked my first hotel, and have started looking for a trip journal to use for the adventure.  Well actually my dad really helped with the first two. I have also started making a list of things I will definitely need to pack such as a raincoat and sneakers.

My next task now that my flights are booked is to figure out where I want to travel during my travel break. I think I would like to go to Madrid, Florence, and Berlin but Amsterdam is an option as well.  Poland is also another option (mainly so I can have real pierogi in Poland!). My travel break unfortunately is only a week long so I’m trying to fit a lot (probably too much) but I want to see new places! I know I’ll do weekend trips to Scotland and Ireland and maybe Wales but I’ve been to 2 out of those 3 places before. I have a list from my English professors on sites to see in northern England and around London as well. Oh and I hope to get involved in the societies (aka clubs) at the university I’ll be studying at. It’s a good thing I like being busy.

Beside figuring out some of my travel plans, I also need to figure out housing at the university, read the pre assigned chapters for my seminar (which online and I much prefer reading books in paperback form so I’m procrastinating getting a jump on that), actually sit down and create a budget, make a list of everything I want to see in London since I’m only there for a limited time, and coordinate with friends who are also in London from my high school when we will meet up. Oh and packing of course. But that can’t be done for at least a month thank goodness!


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