Where did the summer (and this blogger) go?

Summer 2016 is officially over for me.  It was fantastic but flew by.  I did not post this summer, mostly because I had a Disney Professional Internship (yay!) and was very busy.  We went to Walt Disney World in June (trip report to come) for a week, then I had my internship, and we were just back at Disney for a day before dropping my sister off at college.  In between those events, I went to a sidewalk chalk festival, went to see An American in Paris on Broadway, visited friends and family, and more.

This weekend, I fly to London for the start of my semester abroad in England which I am very excited about. Over the next few days, I will highlight more of my plan for London and the first few free days I have and then will use the blog when I am abroad as a way to update my family and friends on my experiences.  I also made a public Instagram account if you want to follow my travels.  The account is travelonmymind_mc

Here’s a fun photo from our June trip when my sister and I met Chewbacca because I couldn’t post without including one photo from the summer.


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