Peaceful Packing: A True Oxymoron

img_0673Packing, at least for me, is not peaceful.  All my items are currently on the floor in the bedroom waiting to be stuffed into my suitcase.  I should’ve kept track of what I packed two years ago when I went to Oxford for two weeks for a summer program.  My professor for the London seminar sent us an email and told us three times in the email to pack lightly.  Well packing lightly for a whole semester is a challenge (even for me who never overpacks when going to Walt Disney World).  I do not know how my friends who are international students studying in the US do it every year.  Shoes take up so much room!

Packing my carry on will be interesting as I always try to stuff as much as possible into my carry on.  I’ll need my traditional plane snacks (animal crackers) but won’t be flying JetBlue so I won’t get my favorite Blue Chips.  I think my sister has some saved from our last Florida flight so maybe she will let me take those along…

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