First Update from London!

I made it safely to London and am all set up.  I got a UK phone which was easy to do although it is not an iPhone so I am still getting used to how it works and clicking on the wrong thing half the time.  Good news is so far I have not discovered anything that I have forgotten to bring.

Usually at this point in a trip, I have found out that I have forgotten a hair brush, deodorant, toothpaste, or all of the above.  Yesterday was the day I flew in and other than getting a phone, I did not venture out much as I wanted to relax a bit.

Today, I met up with my roommate for the next month and we ventured out to Pizza Express for lunch (a family favorite in London) before going grocery shopping.  
I had dough balls which are a must for any visit to Pizza Express and tried one of the seasonal pizzas which was a delicious pineapple pie.

Here are some photos to make any reader hungry!  I also passed by the Gherkin which I had seen on previous trips from the top of St. Paul’s and from the London Eye.

Tomorrow the rest of my seminar class arrives and then on Tuesday we begin class!

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