Week one is already done?!

The first week went by quickly.  We walked between 2.5 miles and 6 miles every single day.  I also managed to run twice and still have not been able to figure out the correct pace (in km) for when I am running.  The fitness center is always empty even though our student residence is huge.

Since I last posted, we visited the Faraday Museum at the Royal Institution.  I found my dream library here.

A few friends and I also became masters at playing an element game where you had to hit the elements on the periodic table when they were mentioned in the song.  We felt very accomplished after getting a perfect score on all three levels (don’t ask how long it took).

IMG_7166Saturday, IMG_0836my roommate and I decided it would be best to sleep in.  The construction workers and their machinery outside our window had a different plan and we woke up early in the morning but took our time to get up.   We took a train from St. Pancras to St.
Alban’s, which is a little town 20 minutes away.  It was really fun walking around the outdoor market, even though it started to drizzle a little.  We FINALLY found a bookstore, thank goodness.  I am surprised I lasted a week without buying a book here.  We went to the Cathedral in town, had lunch at a cute place, and I just needed an apple strudel from a stand.  After that countryside excursion, we came back into the city and visited Platform 9 and 3/4.  IMG_7217The line was around 30 minutes and we were jam packed into the line by security who did not want any space wasted.  The photos cost money so make sure you have a friend stand next to the photographer and take photos so you can have them for free.

We took the tube to Tower Bridge to take photos, but once we got there it was pouring so we turned around and got back on the tube and headed to Chinatown.  We ate at Orient London, which I highly recommend.  My family dined at the restaurant last summer and it is a favorite of my dad’s.  IMG_0851We had duck for an appetizer and thoroughly enjoyed it and then had sweet and sour chicken as well.  Enough food for leftovers today for lunch thankfully!

Today was another sleep in day as our weekdays are packed with class and field trips around the city.  I did laundry in the morning and ate my Frosties before we left.  We went to the lovely Spitalfields Market (where I purchased a few souvenirs).  Then we went over to TK Maxx for an extra suitcase and a return and went grocery shopping (and stuffed everything in my new luggage so we did not have to pay five cents for a bag).  Finally, we took the tube to Tower Bridge to take some photos and stumbled upon a bookstore where we bought one pound Dickens stories.  And now I am organizing my room since it is a bit of a mess!  All that’s left to do is some paper research and then the week is over! IMG_0878.JPG


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2 responses to “Week one is already done?!

  1. Paula Pardonner

    Sounds like you are off to a great start!😊

  2. Crispy Aromatic Duck is the best!! The first week flew by and it seems you’re not sitting around doing nothing. Looking forward to next week’s updates on places and adventures encountered.

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