Disney Bucket List

Here is my Disney Bucket List which will be added to and changed as I think of more things and complete some!

  • Participate in the Disney College Program-One of the top things I have been looking forward to about my college years.  I am extremely excited to be able to apply for this program soon and hopefully get the chance to be part of making guests’ days at Walt Disney World magical!
  • DONE JANUARY 2017: Celebrate my 21st birthday in Walt Disney World
  • DONE SUMMER 2016 and SUMMER/FALL 2017: Participate in a Disney Professional Internship
  • Run the Walt Disney World Marathon-I have run five half marathons, one of which was in Walt Disney World and I would like to run the marathon one day.
  • DONE JUNE 2016: Have the Kitchen Sink-I think this might be on everyone’s Walt Disney World bucket list!  I want to finish the Kitchen Sink (with the help of others of course!)
  • Have a Turkey Leg
  • DONE JANUARY 2017: Spend my birthday in the parks-I was in Disney two days after my birthday but have never been there on my birthday.
  • Visit all of the Disney theme parks-Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris are checked off this list but still have a few more to see! DISNEYLAND IN CALIFORNIA VISITED SUMMER 2017
  • Visit all four Walt Disney World parks in one day


5 responses to “Disney Bucket List

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  2. Hi! I’m Summer. I just started a Disney blog called Just A Disney Kid, at justadisneykid.wordpress.com
    I thought you might be interested because you also run a Disney blog. Thank you so much!

  3. I had no idea you ran! Running a Disney race is a dream of mine too =)

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