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WDW Half Marathon: 4 Things I Can’t Wait For (and 3 I am Dreading)

photo 4My study abroad semester has just about a month left which is crazy!  What is even crazier though is that my 21st birthday and 7th half marathon is just under two months away.

The Walt Disney World Half Marathon falls on January 7th this year, which is my birthday, and I am so excited.  As usual, I have been running a bit but could definitely be running more than I am.  I’m really looking forward to the race weekend as I’ll also be running the 5K and enjoying my time at Disney.

The 4 Things I Can’t Wait for are…

  1. Arriving in Disney and heading to the expo to pick up my race bibs.  The expo always has a bit of excitement in the air as runners walk around picking up their packets and perusing the different merchandise stalls.  I hope to get another medal to put on my Mickey Vinylmation and maybe look for another “I’m Training” shirt since I love the one I have but other than that, probably won’t buy anything.  Maybe a magnet for the car too.
  2. Anything after Mile 1 and even Mile 2 of the races.  I wouldn’t say I love running because that would be a stretch but I definitely like it a lot more than I used to.  However, the first mile or two are challenging.  After standing in the corrals, I am ready to run but then the crowds always make the start a little slow (not that I’m speedy by any means).
  3. Running or more like walking through Cinderella’s Castle.  During my first half marathon, which was at Disney, running through the Castle was SO neat.  Of course, the thoughts in my head were as follows “OMG I’m running through the Castle…Well actually I’m walking because there are so many people…Oh now people are screaming…I want to do that too…(screams)…That was fun…Oh yikes I’m not even halfway done with this and my legs are sore…Oh but this is so neat”
  4.  Wearing my medal around the parks and getting to congratulate other runners.  I won’t wear my medal for more than a day after probably although some people wear theirs the entire time they are in Disney.

3 Things I’m Dreading:

  1. The early wake up calls.  I have to get up early for the 5K and half but my sister and dad are running the 10K and I want to go cheer them on so we will see if I can wake up for that too.  I’m sleeping in on the 8th!
  2. The uncertainty of the weather.  One year it was 30 degrees supposedly and when I ran in 2013, it was perfect weather.  I’m worried the weather might be iffy or really hot or cold and I won’t know what to wear.
  3. Miles 8 and 9 of the half as those are usually the toughest for me.  Once I get to 10 then it’s just a 5K to go!

4 Things I Can’t Wait For plus 3 Things I’m Dreading makes for a total of 7!  And we are running on January 7th!  What is everyone looking forward to or not looking forward to about WDW Marathon Weekend?

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Blog posts for next week

To keep me on track with posting and accountable here are the titles of the posts I will put on the blog next week!

  1. January Trip
  2. Advanced Dining Reservations Made!
  3. Worldly Wednesday
  4. My October Travel Troubles
  5. Christmas is coming!

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Throwback Thursday to Thanksgiving 2012

  Oh how I wish I had a hot chocolate on Main Street right now.

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Disney World: This or That Tag

Natalie at Disney Freak with a Bit of Mascara and The Disney Diva tagged me to participate in the Disney World: This or That survey.  I am going to tag Britt from Live Love Run Like a Princess because she is heading to Walt Disney World in a few weeks and Kaila from Kaila in Wonderland because she will be participating in the Disney College Program in the spring. I would definitely recommend checking out all of these sites because they are great blogs that I really enjoy reading!

I sometimes am hesitant about doing tagged posts but I LOVE posting about Disney and LOVE completing Disney questionnaires so here goes!

1.Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios? Magic Kingdom.  Hollywood Studios just can’t compare.

2.Epcot or Hollywood Studios? Definitely Epcot.  The World Showcase is amazing and one of my favorite rides in Studios, the Backlot Studios Tour has been closed for a while.  Also a little disappointed that the Osborne Lights won’t be back after this year.

3.Animal Kingdom or Epcot? Is this even a question? Epcot.  If you can’t tell Epcot is my favorite park with Magic Kingdom as a close second (right now anyways).

4.Epcot or Magic Kingdom? Epcot.  See question 3.

5.Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom? Hollywood Studios.

6.Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom? Magic Kingdom.

6.Splash Mountain or Space Mountain? Splash Mountain and I am bummed I did not get to ride it last trip

7.Peter Pan’s Flight or It’s A Small World? It’s a Small World 100%.  I do not like Peter Pan because the track is above you and not below.  I do not like rides when the track is above.

8.The Jungle Crusie or Pirates of the Carribean? This one will have to be a tie.  These rides are two of my favorite in Magic Kingdom.  I finally understand all of the jokes on The Jungle Cruise and enjoy it much more when I was little and got this and the safari in Animal Kingdom confused.  And Pirates is a classic even though I still jump at the gun shots.

9.Be Our Guest Restaurant or Crystal Palace? I haven’t been to Crystal Palace in years, but we are going to try it again next trip hopefully.  So Be Our Guest wins this one, especially since it is in my top two for Magic Kingdom restaurants.

10.Tower of Terror or Rock ‘n Roller Coaster? Tower of Terror.  I really like the whole frightening atmosphere and like watching the Twilight Zone episodes and then trying to find connections to the show in the lobby and library.

11.Beauty and the Beast-Live on Stage! or Vovage of the Little Mermaid? Well I fell asleep during Beauty and the Beast last time so…Little Mermaid it is!

12.Toy Story Mania or Star Tours-The Adventure Continues? Toy Story Mania since my stomach gets upset on Star Tours.  Although now I have seen all of the Star Wars movies so I might have to go on it again just to recognize the characters even though I won’t feel completely well after, haha.

13.Test Track or Soarin’? Both are great top Epcot attractions.  I think I would go with Test Track because I have not been on it in a while.

14.France or United Kingdom Showcase? Besides the crepes in France and the circle vision movie…the pavilion is not my favorite.  I prefer the UK pavilion because I think there is nothing better than taking a break from the rides and listening to the band play.  The UK stores are fantastic and my favorite Disney character, Winnie the Pooh, can be found here.

15.Mission Space or Spaceship Earth? I’ve only been on Mission Space once and I really enjoy Spaceship Earth so Spaceship Earth wins.

16.China or Japan Showcase? Japan because Japan has amazing drummers and delicious Hibachi.

17.Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three 
Caballeros or Maelstrom? Gran Fiesta Tour. This really should not be a question.  Anyone in my family knows that Maelstrom was my least favorite ride ever except maybe Stitch’s Great Escape.

18.It Is Tough To Be A Bug or Festival of a Lion King? Festival of the Lion King.  It’s Tough to be a Bug is scary, especially when there is so much smoke and you can’t see anything!  But I could watch the Lion King show over and over.  Disney is the only place where you can get hundreds of people to act like elephants in the audience while they are waiting for the show to start.

19.DINOSAUR or Expedition Everest? Audio-animatronic dinosaurs are my number one fear so I definitely prefer Expedition Everest.

20. Polynesian Resort or Contemporary? Contemporary.  Great restaurants and within walking distance to Magic Kingdom.

21.Pop Century Resort or Art of Animation? I haven’t been to either but Art of Animation looks more fun.


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March Trip Report Day 8 Part 1-Dapper Day!

Good morning blog readers!  Day 8 was probably our busiest day of the trip, and also our last day in the parks.  I am planning on writing three parts so hopefully I can fit everything in!  We were in Magic Kingdom by 10am and then my sister, dad, and I stayed out until 1:30 for Extra Magic Hours in Magic Kingdom.  Part 1, today’s post, is going to be focused on Dapper Day and the morning.  Part 2 is going to be focused more on lunch and the afternoon, as well as how we secretly spent the day with my soon to be new cousin!  And finally Part 3 is going to finish off the day with dinner and the Extra Magic Hours in Magic Kingdom to start off my sister’s birthday.

DapperMomMarch 14th was Dapper Day in Magic Kingdom.  I had not heard of the Dapper Day events until a few months before our trip when I saw a liked Facebook page from my former Adventures by Disney tour guides.  Dapper Day events happen in Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris and are not run by or affiliated with the Disney Company.  According to the website, “Dapper Day events celebrate the tradition of stepping out in style.”  Park visitors dress up in 50’s and 60’s style clothing or just dress up for the parks that day DapperDadinstead of wearing t-shirts and shorts.  Different events happen during the day where you can meet up with other Dapper Day participants around the park and resorts.  The Disneyland event appears to be larger than the Walt Disney World one with an Expo the day before where you can buy outfits and accessories but I thought the Walt Disney World event was great!  For this Dapper Day, events ranged from a ride on the WEDway People Mover to drinks at the Grand Floridian lounge.  If you would like more information on the event, the website is http://dapperday.com.

MayorSo, we all decided to dress up for Dapper Day but were not completely sure what to expect.  I had looked up as much as I could about the events online ahead of time but did not know what exactly would happen!  We parked and took the ferry over to Magic Kingdom.  The ferry ship captain cast members announced that we looked Dapper as we boarded the ferry, but we did not see too many other park guests dressed up.  We knew it was going to be a hot day because it we were already sweating.  As we walked into the park, we starteIMG_3475d to see A LOT of people dressed up which was a relief.  Some people were super creative with their costumes and went all out.  We saw one guy with a ship model on his hat as we went through security.  It was really fun to see what everyone decided to wear.  I could not imagine how the ladies in tights and boots were surviving because it was hot!  We took a photo with the Mayor who was great and told us a joke before running into the Dapper Dans.  Of course, we had to stop and listen before heading down Main Street.  They also made a comment about how the day was focused or based off of themselves.  So even though Disney does not run the event, the cast members were very welcoming and always commented on how Dapper we looked, which was great!  I felt like we were part of a secret club when some regular dressed park guests looked at the Dapper Day visitors funny.

I have to admit I do not remember the exact order of the rides we went on in the morning but I believe we just went to straight to Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor since we had a bit of time before the WEDway People Mover meet up at noon.  But I will get straight to the WEDway People Mover experience.  Yes, it was in fact an experience.

For any Walt Disney World regular visitor, they will know that the People MoverIMG_3488 rarely has a long line.  It is one of the few attractions where you can get off and right back on multiple times without having hours of waiting in a line.  Well, starting at 11:45 there was a HUGE line of dressed up park visitors for Dapper Day.  The line winded around and around and those who did not know about Dapper Day were very confused.  This picture does not do the line justice and IMG_3487I really wish I had a go pro or selfie stick I could have held up high to carry around and video tape the entire line. It went around the stage and was moved a little near Buzz Lightyear as well.  All of the costumes were so impressive and well thought out.  We saw one woman who was dressed up as Sleeping Beauty and a man dressed up as Prince Phillip who were dancing.  We later took a picture with Prince PrincePhillip after riding the WEDway People Mover.  If I am in Walt Disney World or even Disneyland during Dapper Day in the future I will have to work on planning my outfit for months and trying to be more creative! If you are ever in a Disney park during a Dapper Day event definitely participate because it is really fun! Part 2 will be up soon (I promise it won’t take a week this time!)




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March Trip Report Day 7 Part 2

IMG_3450It feels like this trip has been going on forever! But we fit so much into each day that it is hard not to spread the trip report out over a month or two.  We last left off riding the Haunted Mansion with Fastpass+reservations.  We then continued to the Jungle Cruise, the WEDway People Mover, Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor, and the Carousel of Progress.  I love hearing all of the corny jokes on the Jungle Cruise.  It would be fun to be a skipper for a day on the Jungle Cruise.  IMG_3451The WEDway People Mover is my grandma’s favorite ride and we all enjoy relaxing on it especially after lunch.  I have noticed that the Space Mountain part of the ride is darker at night and you really can’t see anything in front of you for a few seconds.  Monster’s Inc LaughFloor never gets old and we ended up going to this attraction the following day as well.  The jokes are funny and it is comical to see who in the audience they pick on especially for the role of “That Guy.”  The Carousel of Progress is called the Carousel of Sleep by my dad but we all managed (with a few pokes) to stay awake the entire time.  I love the song in this attraction “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” and I hope they never change this ride, especially since it was at the 1965 World’s Fair.  The photo to the left is fairly small because I just wanted to show off one of Disney’s snapchat filters in Tomorrowland.

After going on a bunch of rides post-lunch, my dad decided to head back to pick my mom up for dinner so that we would have the car at the Contemporary to drive home.  So my grandma, aunt, sister, and I went to ride the monorail over to the Contemporary for dinner at the Wave.  We had extra time so we rode the monorail around a full time before getting off.  We also helped a few people with directions since they did not know that they needed to get off at the TTC to transfer to Epcot or that the monorail did not go to Animal Kingdom.  Other than that, it was a relaxing ride to the Contemporary and we quickly met up with my mom and dad who had just checked into the Wave.  The waiting rooms at the Wave are really neat with different lighting but I could have fallen asleep on the couch I was so exhausted.  We had a great dinner here.  I had the soup special plus a salad.  The soup was chicken and rice and delicious.  I made a point to tell the cast member who was our server that I loved the soup even though I am a picky eater!  After dinner we shopped around a bit before my parents, aunt, and grandma decided to head back to Old Key West.  My sister was itching to stay out late and so after some strong convincing, we got on the monorail and headed to Epcot.  IMG_3465

Upon arriving at Epcot, we were unsure what we wanted to do.  We thought about seeing characters but did not get there until around 8pm and all of the characters were done for the night.  So we quickly walked around the World Showcase after stopping for Photopass pictures in front of Spaceship Earth and the Anna and Elsa topiary to get to Morocco.  My sister always gets henna at Morocco each trip and thankfully the place was still open when we arrived.  We then walked over to the American Adventure to watch The American Adventure.  We noticed something odd.  Instead of entering the rotunda, they had us waiting in the exit.  Since I had never seen the American Adventure at night, I wondered if it was just due to smaller crowds.  After watching the amazing show…honestly one of my favorite attractions at Walt Disney World, we IMG_3458walked outside.  Then we saw a crowd of people dressed up.  There was a wedding going on in the rotunda of the American Adventure!!  My sister and I stayed outside by the fountain watching the door getting opened for guests who came out to use the restrooms and head back in.  We were able to peek in at the wedding and see a little of the set up.  It looked amazing and I would love to attend a wedding there!  One day my sister and I hope to have a double wedding in Walt Disney World with the ceremony and photos at the Grand Floridian and then the reception somewhere else on property.  Well the American Adventure has now become a possible reception place due to our run in.  I had also scheduled a Fun Fact Friday post for the blog this day that talked about how it is possible to have a wedding in the American Adventure.  What a coincidence!  The wedding spying was definitely the highlight of the night.

After that, we realized nothing could top the wedding, so we walked around the World Showcase to ride Spaceship Earth one last time.  IMG_3468The first time we had rode it this trip, our faces had not saved but this time they did.  I also started to realize how bright the flash is and how distinct the burning smell is in Spaceship Earth.  After this ride, I was exhausted.  We got on the bus back to Old Key West only to hear beeps going off on the bus halfway home.  The bus driver announced “If you’re thinking all those flashing lights and beeps aren’t good, you are correct.  I will try to get us into Old Key West so that I can let you off otherwise we will have to wait for another bus.”  The beeping stopped but then continued and with more flashing lights.  It was late at night probably 11pm and I did not want to have to wait to transfer to another bus, but it was looking like that would be the case.  So, we decided to take a snapchat. IMG_3474 Thankfully, we made it to the first bus stop in Old Key West and got off.  Thank you Disney bus driver!  We were able to quickly get on another bus to get the rest of the way around the resort to our stop.  A very tiring day, but the next day would be even more tiring and even more exciting.  Stay tuned to hear about how Dapper Day, a ring, and Mickey shaped pineapple are all related!

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Fun Fact Friday #17


Disney Fun Fact: Casablanca is one of the very few films which is featured in the movie clip sequence that you watch while waiting for the Great Movie Ride AND has a scene in the ride.  The above photo is a photo of the huge movie screen in the waiting area.

My Fun Fact: I watched Casablanca a few years ago for the first time and am on a mission to watch all of the movies that are featured in the Great Movie Ride.  I still have many movies to watch!  I am not looking forward to watching Alien…

What’s your favorite part of the Great Movie Ride?  Have you seen all of the movies that are a part of the ride?


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