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Friday Funny


Happy Friday!  Spring break is coming up so in honor of getting in that fun spirit here’s a friday funny.  Minnie looks great in this photo and I look super awkward mid-sentence.  Can anyone come up with a good caption for what I was saying here?


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Fun Fact Friday #17


Disney Fun Fact: Casablanca is one of the very few films which is featured in the movie clip sequence that you watch while waiting for the Great Movie Ride AND has a scene in the ride.  The above photo is a photo of the huge movie screen in the waiting area.

My Fun Fact: I watched Casablanca a few years ago for the first time and am on a mission to watch all of the movies that are featured in the Great Movie Ride.  I still have many movies to watch!  I am not looking forward to watching Alien…

What’s your favorite part of the Great Movie Ride?  Have you seen all of the movies that are a part of the ride?


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