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Throwback Thursday to 2012


Throwback Thursday to our first trip to New Fantasyland in 2012.  My sister and I had bought (or actually our parents bought them for us) new Mickey Ears this trip because the ones from when we were young did not fit anymore.  We waited an hour and a half to ride Ariel’s Undersea Adventure as it was in soft opening Thanksgiving week and experienced a few technical difficulties.  It is a great ride…but probably won’t ever wait an hour and a half for it again.

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Throwback Thursday to Snow White’s Scary Adventures

A few years ago, Snow White’s Scary Adventures in Magic Kingdom closed to make room for a new Princess meet and greet experience because the one in Toontown had closed. Even though I screamed every time I went on the Snow White ride, I still enjoyed it!  I always forgot the moment when the witch turned around in her other form and that was frightening.  It was sort of weird for me to go on the ride for the last time with the knowledge it would be closing soon after. I do not think that they should have closed this ride, as it never had a short wait and seemed to be popular.

Now, my younger cousins will never get to experience this ride as I did. They will not be able to scream when the witch turns around or sing with the seven dwarfs as they go off to work.  I have always wondered what Mr Toad’s Wild Ride was because I was too young when I went on to remember it. I’ve watched videos on YouTube but it is not the same as actually going on the ride.

When I was in Disneyland Paris this summer, I went on the Pinocchio dark ride there in Fantasyland and really enjoyed it. The ride had no wait! When was the last time a ride in Fantasyland had no wait?! It was awesome but I also wondered why the ride was so unpopular. I think they should bring back a ride in Fantasyland besides Peter Pan that young children can go on. The line for Peter Pan is way too long to wait for on most days, especially since the actual ride is not that long.  Disney could definitely make a Brave ride or Pocahontas ride if they want to have a Princess ride.

As Sharpay in High School Musical sings “Out with the old, In with the new.”  The Scary Adventures of Snow White might be gone forever, but I will always remember the frightening witch.



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Transformation Tuesday: Ariel’s Grotto to New Fantasyland

Ariel’s Grotto used to be my family’s least favorite place to wait for a character. The line was completely unshaded with only a few pop up sprinklers to cool kids off. Ariel had to take breaks every once and a while (20 min or so) to take a swim since she had her tail when in the Grotto. You could never quite tell just how long the line was which Disney is skilled at doing. We used to wait hours for an autograph and photo from Ariel. Her grotto was surrounded with water and a King Triton statue in the water. The water years ago held my family’s least favorite ride of all time 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I never went on it or if I did I have no recollection of the ride but based on their descriptions, I have no desire to go back in time to experience the submarine voyage. Outside of the Grotto was Scuttle’s Landing with snacks for after you had spent two hours waiting in the sun for a four minute meeting with The Little Mermaid.

I have seen that Ariel has a new grotto in New Fantasyland but I have not visited it yet. From the looks of the outside though, it seems to have a lot more shade than the old waiting line experience. I wish they had kept her old Grotto area and just made a few adjustments to it such as a canopy covering. The stones had so much detail and it was a cool area. I guess I will have to visit her new home and see how it compares but I doubt it will live up to my old memories.


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Meeting Gaston!


When my sister and I were younger, our trips were heavily focused on meeting characters, getting photos with characters, and getting autographs from characters.  Anyone in my family can attest to this as they waited on many, many character lines for us and my sister and I are so thankful for that.  We have lots of awesome photos, videos, and filled autograph books from the trips.  But, I am not sure we even knew that half of the big rides existed at Walt Disney World until we were past the “character stage” and wanted to try roller coasters.  Well in 2009, a new character moved into Walt Disney World named Gaston.  I had not waited in line for a character in years but my sister and I wanted to meet Gaston.  So we waited in line and I started to get a little nervous.  He was really talking to the guests in front of us!  What would I say?  I was not five anymore and couldn’t just ask for an autograph and photo and leave!

The line was much shorter than I had thought and it was our turn!  My sister did not say much (thanks sis) but we said we were happy to see him.  He asked us who liked him more and we both say we didn’t know.  Then he asked what we liked best about him so I responded that I really liked his large arm muscles which led to some giggling from my sister and I.  It was definitely one of the funniest conversations I have had with a character (that I can remember) and I am excited to go back and see Gaston again sometime soon!

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