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WDW Weekly News Update

This week isn’t even over yet but Disney has shared a few different pieces of exciting news with the public.  In chronological order…

February 12th: Rivers of Light show opens.  The long anticipated show that was supposed to open last summer is now ready to go.  This date is based on Fastpass+ bookings which recently were added to the system.

img_3089March 17th: Although this date was announced a while ago, I am so excited for The Beauty and The Beast movie!

May 11th: Final showing of Wishes which is the nighttime fireworks show at Magic Kingdom.
I really hope I can see Wishes one more time before it ends because it is a fantastic show and there is nothing like the soundtrack.

May 12th: “Happily Ever After” replaces Wishes as the new nighttime show.  I expect Magic Kingdom will be absolutely packed on this night.

img_3014May 27th: The opening date of Animal Kingdom’s Pandora!  We have not been able to see much of the construction, besides the one very tall tower structure so I am interested to see what Disney has done with Avatar, even though it was not my favorite movie.  I will definitely need to watch it again before May 27th.

2019: At some point in this year, the Star Wars Land portion of Hollywood Studios will be opening!

In conclusion, this summer is a great time to visit the Walt Disney World parks.  2019 will be a fantastic year to go if you are a Star Wars fan, or you can wait until 2020 when the hype decreases a little.

5K Part 2 and half marathon disappointment posts coming up soon!

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WDW Half Marathon: 4 Things I Can’t Wait For (and 3 I am Dreading)

photo 4My study abroad semester has just about a month left which is crazy!  What is even crazier though is that my 21st birthday and 7th half marathon is just under two months away.

The Walt Disney World Half Marathon falls on January 7th this year, which is my birthday, and I am so excited.  As usual, I have been running a bit but could definitely be running more than I am.  I’m really looking forward to the race weekend as I’ll also be running the 5K and enjoying my time at Disney.

The 4 Things I Can’t Wait for are…

  1. Arriving in Disney and heading to the expo to pick up my race bibs.  The expo always has a bit of excitement in the air as runners walk around picking up their packets and perusing the different merchandise stalls.  I hope to get another medal to put on my Mickey Vinylmation and maybe look for another “I’m Training” shirt since I love the one I have but other than that, probably won’t buy anything.  Maybe a magnet for the car too.
  2. Anything after Mile 1 and even Mile 2 of the races.  I wouldn’t say I love running because that would be a stretch but I definitely like it a lot more than I used to.  However, the first mile or two are challenging.  After standing in the corrals, I am ready to run but then the crowds always make the start a little slow (not that I’m speedy by any means).
  3. Running or more like walking through Cinderella’s Castle.  During my first half marathon, which was at Disney, running through the Castle was SO neat.  Of course, the thoughts in my head were as follows “OMG I’m running through the Castle…Well actually I’m walking because there are so many people…Oh now people are screaming…I want to do that too…(screams)…That was fun…Oh yikes I’m not even halfway done with this and my legs are sore…Oh but this is so neat”
  4.  Wearing my medal around the parks and getting to congratulate other runners.  I won’t wear my medal for more than a day after probably although some people wear theirs the entire time they are in Disney.

3 Things I’m Dreading:

  1. The early wake up calls.  I have to get up early for the 5K and half but my sister and dad are running the 10K and I want to go cheer them on so we will see if I can wake up for that too.  I’m sleeping in on the 8th!
  2. The uncertainty of the weather.  One year it was 30 degrees supposedly and when I ran in 2013, it was perfect weather.  I’m worried the weather might be iffy or really hot or cold and I won’t know what to wear.
  3. Miles 8 and 9 of the half as those are usually the toughest for me.  Once I get to 10 then it’s just a 5K to go!

4 Things I Can’t Wait For plus 3 Things I’m Dreading makes for a total of 7!  And we are running on January 7th!  What is everyone looking forward to or not looking forward to about WDW Marathon Weekend?

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Where did the summer (and this blogger) go?

Summer 2016 is officially over for me.  It was fantastic but flew by.  I did not post this summer, mostly because I had a Disney Professional Internship (yay!) and was very busy.  We went to Walt Disney World in June (trip report to come) for a week, then I had my internship, and we were just back at Disney for a day before dropping my sister off at college.  In between those events, I went to a sidewalk chalk festival, went to see An American in Paris on Broadway, visited friends and family, and more.

This weekend, I fly to London for the start of my semester abroad in England which I am very excited about. Over the next few days, I will highlight more of my plan for London and the first few free days I have and then will use the blog when I am abroad as a way to update my family and friends on my experiences.  I also made a public Instagram account if you want to follow my travels.  The account is travelonmymind_mc

Here’s a fun photo from our June trip when my sister and I met Chewbacca because I couldn’t post without including one photo from the summer.


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Sophomore/Junior year done!

Well since I am graduating in three years, and not four, I just completed my sophomore/junior year of college.  This semester went by so quickly.   I feel like I was just in Orlando in January but that was months ago!  I am now officially a senior which is crazy but also exciting.

For those of you who are avid blog readers, you may have noticed a name change.  No, not my name (I really like Mary), but the blog’s name.  Disney on my Mind is now going to be Travel on my Mind, at least until I can think of a better name.  I am trying to transition because I have been having more non-Disney related travel adventures (such as to Omaha, Nebraska which I need to write about) and then in the fall I will be in England and traveling around Europe.  So, while I still will have many, many posts about Disney, including a trip recap for my next trip, I will continue to blog about my other travels as well.  So next week, look forward to posts on Omaha, Walt Disney World, and What To Do and Not To Do When Traveling.


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WDW Half Marathon Registration

is TOMORROW at noon Eastern for Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members!   And then a week from tomorrow, registration opens for everyone at noon Eastern as well.  I’m crossing my fingers that registration goes well for all tomorrow as well as next week.  If I don’t get in tomorrow, I will be trying again next week!    photo 4

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Latest WDW Updates and my thoughts

D-Luxe Burger is a new burger place which will be open in May in Disney Springs.  To be honest, I do not care about having a burger place in Disney Springs.  What caught my eye is that D-Luxe Burger will have a wide range of gelato milkshakes!  I think that is the best Disney news I have heard in a while.

Disney is also piloting an After Hours ticketed event for Magic Kingdom where you pay around $150 to stay in Magic Kingdom from 11pm-2am.  The latest buzz in the online community is worry about the Extra Magic Hours for resort guests going away.  I would really hate if this was true because I personally won’t be paying for four hours in Magic Kingdom.

My family was in Walt Disney World a few days ago (without me) and could not get over the parking system at Disney Springs.  They also asked why I had not mentioned it before so I figured I could mention it now.  The parking garage at Disney Springs tells you how many spaces are free and also has green lights above the spots that are open and red lights above the spots that are occupied.

Only a few weeks until registration opens for January WDW Marathon weekend!  Is anyone signing up?  I hopefully will be.



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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Here’s a lovely photo from two year’s ago when we spent St. Patrick’s Day in Disney.  We went to Raglan Road the night before for dinner and went to Animal Kingdom the day of where everyone was dressed in green.  How did everyone celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year?  Unfortunately, I did not do much to celebrate the holiday and couldn’t find my favorite St. Patrick’s Day movie “The Luck of the Irish” from the Disney Channel anywhere online.

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