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Christmas is Over

As usual, my blogging has lapsed during a school break.  I really don’t use my laptop when I am at home since I am doing other things so I have to make a conscious effort to start up my laptop and blog.  I will summarize the last few days of break in an acrostic Christmas poem.

Cookie baking with my aunt, sister, and cousin to total 425 cookies

Had a Star Wars movie marathon with my cousins visiting from Florida

Realized that Star Wars Episode VII is amazing, especially in 3D

Internship searching for the summer in my free time

Shopping and driving around town before family came over

Toured the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, NY

Mass on Christmas Eve

Attended a holiday party for where my parents work

Slept more than usual


Photo is from the Vanderbilt Mansion

Posts for this week include: Christmas is Over (today’s post), Walt Disney World Updates, Worldly Wednesday: Kent Connecticut, 2015 Year in Review, Happy 2016-Resolutions?

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Star Wars Movies

I finally finished watching all six of the Star Wars Movies.  My dad had a goal to have a Star Wars movie marathon over the summer and we were able to finish 5/6 movies in the three days before I left for school.  We started out watching the first one in black and white and color.  How is that possible?  Just use a broken VCR player.  We only lasted a few minutes before we decided the VHS was not working.  But it was funny watching and saying “C3PO is walking in snow, nope sand, nope snow” when the screen flickered between color and black and white.

I finished the last one (in order of release) on Saturday night.  I am very interested now to see what Disney decides to focus on when they add the Star Wars section of Hollywood Studios.  I also think it would be neat to be in Disney during one of the Star Wars weekends.  Then again, I would love to experience every special event Disney holds.  But now I am thrilled that I can finally understand more of the Star Tours area and know who C3PO is during the ride.

I really enjoyed the movies, but it was hard to watch such a popular series with the bits of information I had already heard about the series.  So for example, I knew that Darth Vader was Luke’s father (which most people know) but I kept asking my dad questions about when was Luke going to find out and how did Darth Vader turn bad and so on.  This also hints at my lack of patience but when there are six movies, it is hard to wait 7 hours for an answer in the third movie!

I picked up a pack of Star Wars Heroes playing cards at the Hot Topic store in the shopping outlets near my school and they are very cool because no two cards are the same.  A lot of card packs repeat the photos across the deck but this one does not.  I collect packs of cards and have about 20 something packs right now.  I like to collect cards when I travel and it is also fun to have a wide variety of cards to choose from when playing rummy with friends.

I liked the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th the most, but not in that order.  And this is in the order the movies were released in, not chronological order.

I found out I have work on the Star Wars runDisney weekend, which further makes the point that I can’t sign up for the event unfortunately.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.   Have an awesome Monday!  (First day of school for me!)



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Star Wars Run in Walt Disney World!

The biggest Disney news recently is that there is going to be a Star Wars runDisney weekend in April 2016 in Walt Disney World!  photo 21The Star Wars Disneyland run weekend has been a big hit and so many people are excited about the new race weekend in WDW.  The WDW Star Wars weekend is focused on the Dark Side…so expect to see many Darth Vader and Emperor costumes.  Usually, the half marathon courses go through Magic Kingdom and Epcot in Walt Disney World, but the runDisney website said yesterday that the Star Wars Half will go through Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. Since then, this information has been changed to a run through “the Walt Disney World Resort.”   So, if the three park info that was posted is true, it would be awesome because hopefully there will be less road running than usual and more park running.  But since the information was taken down/altered, I am not sure what to expect.  The weekend will have  a 5k on April 15th starting at 6am, a 10k on April 16th starting at 5:30am and the half on April 17th at 5am.  The WDW Half Marathons usually start at 5:30am so an earlier start also hints at that a third park might be involved or race coordinators might be concerned about the heat.  Disney has also added a challenge to the weekend combining the 10k and the half (The Star Wars Dark Side Challenge), as well as a challenge for those who complete the Star Wars runDisney weekends on both coasts.

Well I am planning on running the Walt Disney World half marathon on my 21st birthday so I am not sure about this Star Wars run weekend.  However, it is easy for me to take a flight to Florida from Washington DC and I could hypothetically miss a class or two in order to go for a run weekend in Disney plus I already have an Annual Pass….  The other thing is cost of course, but I haven’t looked into that too much yet.  Registration opens on September 22nd and it has not been announced if DVC/Annual Passholders will get to register ahead of time.  If that’s the case then I will have to decide very soon!  This race announcement is also timed well since I am on Movie #5 of the Star Wars movie series in watching them for the first time.  The last three days have been full of Star Wars at my house with the movies on.  So is anyone here thinking of running the Star Wars WDW weekend races?

When I last posted, I was heading off to a wedding.  The wedding on Saturday was fantastic!  The ceremony was very nice as was the reception and afterwards we all went back to the hotel and had a great time playing Bunko.  Here is a photo of the bride and groom and my grandma receiving a scrapbook that my aunt created and each member of the family added a page to.

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Breaking News-Star Wars Lands

At the d23 expo, it was just announced that Disneyland and Walt Disney World will soon have Star Wars Lands! More info to come…

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Happy Birthday Dad!


So yes, today is my dad’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Dad!  Thank you for going on runs with me, driving to pick me up from school, making me pancakes, and so much more!  His birthday is also celebrated as Star Wars Day around the world.  We all look Dapper in this photo (taken in one of the stores in Magic Kingdom on Main Street) for Dapper Day which I will be blogging about soon.  Hope everyone has a great May 4th and may the fourth be with you!


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