March Trip Report Day 5 Part 3-Golf and Dinner

Wait a minute…three posts in a row this week?!  What is going on?!  Well my homework load has been decreasing because finals are approaching.  I am not complaining that I have more time to blog!


After our lunch at Sanaa with the Animal Specialist, we did not know exactly what to do.  It was hot out, but we did not want to go into a park because we would not have that much time before our dinner at the House of Blues.  So, my dad made the executive decision and we went mini golfing which was really fun!  It was our first time at the Blizzard Beach Winter Summerland mini golf and we decided to do the Christmastime themed path.IMG_3371

Each hole had a funny sign before it and Christmas music was playing as well as Beach music near each hole.  This course is great also because there are benches every two holes to sit down and relax on.  Unfortunately, shady areas were scarce and my sister and I got a little sun burn, but some Vitamin C is probably good for me.  Hey! I rhymed!  IMG_3366If you are looking for something to do outside of the parks, the Disney mini golf courses are a fantastic option!  I like the IMG_3365other course we usually play at as well, but I am scared to go back because IIMG_3377 have gotten a hole in one twice on the same hole.  I feel like I might not be so lucky the next time.  But, I have been improving on my mini golf game.

My dad won the game, but my aunt, sister, and I all played very well (or at least I thought so).  After the game, we grabbed some complementary mini candy canes at the desk and left to go back to Old Key West.  We got ready for dinner and once again took the boat over to Downtown Disney.  The boat is definitely the BEST option during all of the construction that is going on right now.  The restaurant was getting crowded and I was glad I had made reservations.  One thing to note is that this year, House of Blues changed their policy and you can only make reservations two weeks in advance.  I actually had to book them through the restaurant website, instead of Disney.  Our dinner at the House of Blues was great.  It was my grandma and aunt’s first time dining there.  My mom, dad, sister, and I had been a few years ago when my two best friends came down with us to WDW as well.  We all enjoyed our meals and headed back to the resort soon after.  My mom, dad, and I had to be up very early the next morning to head to a university a few hours away for a tour for my sister.



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